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Thursday Thirteen #61 Work In Progress Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I'm under a deadline, one I was about to set aside and then suddenly realized I still had a real shot at, so I shall be throwing myself into it the rest of the month. There have been quite a few career conversation this last week and as a result I've got writing on the brain right now. In that mindset, I thought I wouldn't stray too far and share with you 13 Works In Progress I want to see the light of day by the end of 2012 into 2013. Of course if that whole end of the world thing happens December 21st, 2012, well, all bets are off!

This list is everything from works that are several chapters in, to things that have a title and a paragraph. But either way I'm thinking about them and the fact they've endured means it's meant to be. So you here you are, 13 WIPs in Queue. 



1. The Forgiven: A story about the third side in the angelic war. Earth-bound angels still in heaven's grace but unable to return there.  A love story wrapped around a prophecy about the coming civil war in hell. Think angels, witches/nephilim, demons and lot of lovely erotic moments. Book 1 of the Angelic Prophecies. 

2. The Clockwork Courtesan: A steampunk you all have been introduced to before that is now under revision for an open call.

3. PsiCorps Chronicles #3: Another Christmas release if I can swing it. For those of you who have read PsiCorps #1 (Ghost of Christmas Past) and/or beta read PsiCorps #2 (Dawn's Early Light), the as yet untitle PsiCorps #3 is Ajay's story. I can't wait.
4. BloodQueen: The sequel to BloodSprite, the worldbuilding novel of my Therian World, ( introduced in Shifting Passions). Also known as Book 2 of the Dante Chronicles.

5. The Fallen: The sequel to The Forgiven dealing with those angels who fell from grace. Angelic Prophecies # 2.

6. Blood Throne: Book 3 of the Dante Chronicles.

7. The Faithful: Those who fought for heaven. Angelic Prophecies #3

8. Ronin StillSkin: A modern, shifter-based retelling of the Rumplestiltskin fairytale as a menage between the girl, the king and the wish granting creature. The first version is complete, but it needs to be expanded, likely doubling the wordcount, so a WIP all the same. (A Therian World Novella)

9. Laughing Matters: BDSM Were-Hyenas. Marinate in that a bit. (A Therian World Novel/la)

10. A Kingdom Come: This is either a shifter historical or a futuristic shifter space opera. I can't decide. Either way Theora Knight is a royal guard who has to save the kidnapped Prince from a rival kingdom whose young king has had him taken and hidden away, (becase he's in love--naturally). Be it chainmail or nanite power suit, there will be a "knight in shining armor" reference. I'd be remiss otherwise. (A Therian World Novel/la) 

11. Safe As Houses: A widow, with the help of her husband's ghost, falls in love with the old friend who built their dream home and is now renovating the vacation home she's moved into permanently to be closer to the memories. Think, ghostly menage scenes! 

12. Safe As Houses: Yeah, it's a title showdown. This one is about a contractor that restores historical homes as his day job and investigates haunted houses with his partner as a side business. The two of them meet a medium on a case and begin to fall for her only to realize she actually be a ghost.

13. Safe As Houses: I don't actually have a third story vying for the title, but if I can come up with one, then each story will get it's own title and the series will be called Safe As Houses and all deal with love stories centered around restored or expanded homes.

Update: I have since come up with a third story for Safe As Houses, dealing with a real estate "flipper" who runs out of money on a project and has to do the renovations himself. As he opens the walls he starts to find pieces that tell him about a love affair that happened decades ago. Over the course of the renovation he's haunted by dreams and thoughts of the couple and quickly begins to fall in love with each through the letters and journals he finds. When the project is finished, the couple that comes to the open house is none other than the couple from the journals. Yay, Safe As Houses is a series!

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