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Thursday Thirteen #60 Distracted Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I wanted very much to bring you a Thursday Thirteen of spectacular proportions, but alas I got distracted. So instead I give you the 13 Things That Kept Me Doing Thursday Thirteen! *Grin*


1. Cover Art: I had to fill out my cover art form for my next release as thoroughly as possible. It was nerve wracking trying to remember if I covered everything, which of course, I didn't. But I know it'll be a kick-ass cover anyway.

2. Research: I have a deadline May 1st that I picked up last minute and I had to do a bit of looking about to see if I have everything in place. I have yet to get to the productive writing portion of things, but I'm on it. I'll make it.

3. Netflix: The best and worst thing to enter this household in ages. I learned a great deal and refreshed myself on a great deal more so this was a general distraction that will yield specifics lower on the list.

4. Facebook: Need I say more?

5. Zombie Lane: Just in case I needed to say more. I hate zombies. I think they're the dumbest monster ever! The entire idea that an ambulatory meat sack is eating people because it's hungry when it's dead and can't be hungry due to lack of nerve impulses from the stomach to the brain...let's not get me started. My husband-like-person begged me to be his neighbor and that had led to playing and we'll leave it at that, for otherwise, I could rant for ages.

6. LiveJournal: It was having issues earlier and rather concerned me that a blog would not be possible, breaking my streak. But alas, all appears to be well.

7. GoodReads: I'm still working on jumping into discussions, but I swing by to check out the groups much more often than I should already and hence why I hesitate to dive in as much as I'd like. If you're on goodreads, friend me so I can see what you're writing. At some point here I'd like reading to be the thing that distracts me and I need new suggestions.

8. E! Online: I can't help it, I need my television spoilers and my mild celebrity gossip. I'm not into the who said what when with whom, I just want to know what projects are rumored in my faves' futures. I'm a cheerleader kind of fan rather than nosy one. And who can't get behind the trivial fun times of picking television's Ultimate Alpha Male? (Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester for the win!).

9. IM: I caught all sorts of people I usually miss and all because I should have been writing a Thursday Thirteen and in bed by now. But hey, it was a fun night.

10. Texting: Entirely different people that I talk to quite often but still, fun all the same.

11. Customer Service Fail: UPS delivered my package to the wrong address and instead of having the driver give explicit instructions on where he left it and why, right when I called, I had to go through Amazon and launch a formal investigation. Meanwhile, if the driver had just been directed back to the location, I could have my package right now. Instead who knows what's happened to it. Grr, grr, and again I say grr. This aggravates me not only because my stuff isn't here, but because I'm a kick-ass customer service representative and this would not be acceptable any place I worked. Sigh.

12. Errands: Because no matter how many you do, there's always more to be done.

13. The Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED : This is one of the things I watched on Netflix but it gets its own line because I watched it twice. TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is an annual event where an eclectic group of brilliant minds exchange bold ideas for the future. I know this because that's a quote from the blurb.  *grin* It really is an inspiring gathering and one that you can watch for free on TED's site where they share ways for each of us to become the change we want to see.
I will visit you all after some much needed sleep! Night :)


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