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Thursday Thirteen #56 To-Do-List Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

Welcome to the T13 that almost wasn't. I didn't want to do this today, but then again I haven't wanted to do anything for a few days now. I'm coming off of a rather stressful time and both my body and mind seem intent on decompressing no matter what I still have to get done. I'm coming out of it and can see the list of things waiting for me and feel like I should spend this time on those. In that spirit, I decided to use my lack of enthusiasm for T13 as my focus and present you 13 Things I Should Be Doing Instead. :)


13 Things I Should Be Doing Instead

1. Writing: It's what's made the last three weeks so stressful but with that ms done I need to start on the next one and avoid the same kind of serial disasters that plagued me this time around.

2. Reading: I have something I need to be rather versed in later today and three things I've been meaning to get to for longer than I care to admit. I need to carve out some time and get to it.

3. Research: I have a ton I need to get swishing through my brain on angels, demons, djinn, heaven, the summerlands, the Elysian Fields, purgatory, the underworld, hades, the Jewish apocrypha, biblical apocrypha, Gnostic gospels, Sumerian-Akkadian-Babylonian syncretism and Egyptian-Nubian/Egyptian-Greek syncretisms. That's only for one story, let's not get into all the aspects of human physiology and genentics that awaits me afterwards.

4. Edit: I have an ms waiting for another revision before heading out to a few particular places and I want to have that done and ready to go by mid-March if possible.

5. Walking: A knee injury took me out Tuesday before I finished making my step goal, (bellydancing was wonderful though). The plan was for Wednesday to double up but still wasn't in top shape. Feeling good right now so a triple-go it is!

6. Dancing: See above injury issue. I'm not in as high spirits as I would be if I'd danced fully the last two days. Now that my knee isn't screaming, I need to jump on that and get back to myself.

7. Hooping: But I should always be hooping! My new hoop arrives this week I think. Yay!

8. Shopping: We need to hit the grocery store with a severity that would make my grandmother shake her head and say we're not taking care of ourselves. We have to make it today, every basic is gone.

9. Hydrating: Had a terrible time with this while stressed, ill and injured. I'm steadily getting back into the habit of emptying my drink thermos four times for a full 96 oz a day and I'll be getting some high water content fruits when we hit the store.

10. Learning: My new laptop arrived yesterday and I'm still making peace with it. We've had a bunch of rough patches centering around the mouse touch pad and the lack of proper scrolling. I can't let the suckage outweigh the awesome and need to focus and learn all the cool features.

11. Searching: I need to find my sofware disc to tranfer a program to the new laptop since the old one has gone to pasture. It's vital I find it since buying a new version makes me want to weep. I'll make peace if I end up without a choice, but I'm praying for a choice.

12. Planning: I need to get everything settled about WisCon at the end of May. I have to check with my GoddessSister about sharing a hotel room, book plane tickets and actually register for WisCon. The clock's ticking. It'll be the first time I've had to go through airport security since the TSA change over. Mmm, can't wait.

13. Sleeping: I'm still up from yesterday and as you can see, I've got a full day ahead of me.

Happy Thursday!

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