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Thursday Thirteen #52 Under the Weather Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I've been under the weather the last few days and feel rather fuzzy-headed as a result. To be on the safe side, (and frankly to increase my likelyhood of being coherent), I decided the best list today would consist of the things that make me feel during these times. So here you are, 13 Comforts While Under the Weather. Come back tomorrow for Crush of the Week which I'm nearly, almost, sorta sure is going to be here. *grin*


13 Comforts While Under the Weather
1. Rainbow Afghan:  I crocheted a queen-sized rainbow afghan last year as my first project. I learned the technique off youtube and just taught myself the obvious expansion on the idea to get the size I wanted. I want to jump in again and make another one, maybe a solid color, but maybe not. This one started with a full skein each of purple, blue, red, orange, yellow and green, then another skein of green followed by yellow, orange, red, blue and purple. You can tell it's made by new hands to the craft, but I love it all the same and cuddling beneath it while feeling achy is wonderful!

2. Hot Chocolate: It doesn't matter what time of year it is, hot chocolate is always a guarantee feel-better. 

3. Fuzzy White Robe: I've only had this a few months but it's my new favorite purchase and made a wonderful fuzzy hug during the times I couldn't be under the afghan.

4. Hooping: Yes, I'm not feeling well, but you can't hoop without smiling. I only lasted just under five minutes before the fever and dizziness got me, but it was five minutes that made the rest of the day all the better. 

5. Wordcount: I got in 1200 on the second PsiCorps novella onTuesday and 1000 on a different project Wednesday. My thoughts tend to scatter when unwell, but as least I got them down.

6. White Soda: I can't stand carbonated water, but white soda is my best friend at times like these.

7. Televison: I spent much of the last couple days off and on the computer, so the television has been my primary engagment with the world. I've taken in a lot of news and Supernatural reruns. No complaints.

8. Walking: This is not quite as straight forward as it could be. I didn't want to walk at all. I didn't like it while I was doing it. And I don't see that changing as long as I'm this congested. However, I've made my steps goal on my pedometer every day this month and I wasn't ready to give that up, so I walked anyway. It was a comfort to get it done and keep my streak.

9. Music: It always makes me feel better no matter the day or time. It gets particular praise these last few days because without it, I wouldn't have gotten through the steps.

10. Fanvids: Youtube is always a friend and I've been indulging in great loads of Supernatural and, (to my surprise), The Vampire Diaries fanvids. It's great because it combines the love of music with slashy-goodness. Made of win!

11. Steamy Showers: Aside from being a lovely chance to breathe, it pounds all the aches and pains away which is just luscious.

12. Cake: I made red velvet cake Tuesday just because and it's delicious. It was also a chance to accomplish something with a beginning, middle and end when everything seemed overwhelming. And since we don't own a hand mixer, whisking by hand was a nice forearm workout. *smile*

13. My Sweetie: He's been very good some 89.4% of the time and I appreciate it.

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