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Thursday Thirteen #51 Ghost of Christmas Past 1.5 Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

The week before the December release of Ghost of Christmas Past and therefore the week before Christmas, I offered a glossary that only 2 of my fellow T13ers had the chance to see, (hugs to Alice and Heather). In the three weeks since the release, I've been asked over a half-dozen times if I'm going to do a GoCP-themed TT. After revealing that last Friday's Crush of the Week was inspired by writing PsiCorps #2, I received yet another set of inquiries and I thought today the perfect time to repost the glossary and give a bit of a bonus. So here you are, Kittens. 13 Terms in the PsiCorps World. See you back tomorrow for Friday's Crush of the Week!


13 PsiCorps Terms
1. Agent: A graduate of PsiCorps Academy scoring above the median in psychic talent and field work. Agent is often capitalized by federal bureau standards to designate a Psi Agent from non-psychic federal agents.

2. Anchor: A psychic or Psi, able to ground other psychics in their Triad, Compass, or Circle.

3. Circle: Five or more individuals involved in a unified or layered polyamorous relationship.

4. Compass: Exactly four individuals in a unified or layered polyamorous relationship, named so for the four compass points.

5. CyberPsi: Psychic ability to control computers and various other sophistocated electronics.

6. Empath: A psychic able to read the emotions of a person, place or object and alleged to influence those emotions. Capable of coordinating a large number of individuals and harmonize their psychic resonance. Empath is capitalized to show a primary talent beyond median empathy.

7. Handler: Assigned to keep Agents coordinated in the field and happy off the field, a Handler is the buffer between an Agent and PsiCorps Operations. Handler is always capitalized by federal bureau standards to denote a Psi Handler over a mundane federal agent handler.

8. Partner: See Resonance Partners

9. PsiCorps: Psychic branch of the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and United States Marshals Service.

10. Pyschometery: The ability to read the energy field of an object by touch. Advanced Psychometrics can read the energy field of living entities and places.

11. Resonance Partners: Abbreviated 'Partner", two or more Psychics or Psis who share an energy pattern of thought and psychic expression and choose to bond, taking their advantage of synchrony into the field. All Agents must have a Partner to qualify for field work. Partner is always capitalized by federal bureau standards to denote reference to psychic ability and bond.

12. ShadowCorps: Boogey man of the psychic world, a rumored black ops agency working beneath the radar with illicit intent.

13. WitSecPsi: The psychic branch of the United States Federal Witness Protection Program.


Incubi: A Psi of any specialty who comes into their abilities through sexual exploration. This is the most abundant type of Psi.

Vampire: A Psi who comes into their abilities through sex closely followed by bloodshed. The rarest breed of Psi, most are devoted to justice to balance out their taste for conflict.

Djinn: A Psi who comes into their abiliites through sex and fear. Nearly all Handler's are djinn, brought fully into their abilities through fear induction in a sensory deprivation tank. This exploration and conquering of fear is what allows a Handler to ignore all emotional responses while coordinating Agents in the field.

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