August 28th, 2011


Six Sentence Sunday #10

Greetings, Kittens! Welcome back, I always appreciate you coming by. I didn't get around last week like I wanted, so please pardon double comments this week as I catch up on your 6SSs. Today is a continuation of last week after Kryssa came and interrupted her brother Dominic's meeting.

For those who need to catch up, you can do so with our First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth offerings.

She leaned across the table, smiling at the childhood friend on its other end. “You’re going to accept the merger right, Jimmy? You always were, your sister told me last week. This is just a bit of show in order to ensure you get the east coast offices; which, let me tell you, Nicky is completely prepared to give to you, so you all may as well take an early lunch, business done.”

Dominic stood abruptly and picked her up, carrying her from the room without another word. As distractions went, it worked, and she munched contently as he strode down the hall, giving the smallest grunt when he finally plopped her down on the receptionist desk in her outer office.

Update: I have caught up on last week's 6SS for all those who posted here. The only people I may have missed are those who posted anonymous without leaving a name. Please be sure to let me know who you are so I can return the favor! :)

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