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Thursday Thirteen #70 Ramble Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

It's another lovely Thursday and I completely forgot that I hadn't done a T13 today. Of course, I completely forgot it was Thursday, which may have something to do with it. Right now I'm in the midst of a rather long and stressful period over which I have little control, but like those periods before, it will pass. While it's taking its time on that, I've still got deadlines so the last three days have steered all of the lucidity towards writing the third PsiCorps novel. The entire situation has my thoughts in a rather interesting, if chaotic pattern, come and take a look and you'll understand why I forgot it was Thursday.

Also, LJ friends, LJcuts are still not working for me, I apologize. I offer eye candy and a reminder of a weeklong giveaway. After you comment all of you should go to the beginning of the Sexy Summer Solstice BlogHop and click through to take in the free reads, register to win free ebooks and enter to win a Nook at the end.



1. I NEED to finish this book by the July 5th deadline.  This gives the impression that the story is beating itself against the inside of my skull, refusing to be denied, for its time is now, ordained by the heavens opening up and etching the date in stone. Unfortunately, as cool as that would have been to behold, it's not at all the situation.

I need to finish it by July 5th because I started it with that deadline in mind and can't let go of it. That's it, just plain ole OCD, nothing else nifty about it. The publisher has July 5th as the cut off for a Christmas release, GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST (PsiCorps 1), came out last December, DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT (PsiCorps 2) will release July 4th I believe and if I finish PsiCorps 3 in time and it's up to par, it will bookend with another December release. I like the thought, that's all.

2. I need to finish this book by SEPTEMBER 5TH.  This is more accurate. Making this deadline with a kick-ass story would mean coming out around Valentine's Day, which would be beautiful and somewhat less stressful since I have an October release that I'll still be promoting and focused on come December.

3. I NEED to revise BLOODSPRITE and get it in immediately.  This feeling won't leave because I received a revision request and beta feedback that gave me a direction to go in. In fact, it's messing about with the revision that put me behind on PsiCorps 3 until thought cycle1 kicked back in.

4. It DOESN'T MATTER if I revise BLOODSPRITE.  Yeah, this is a bit of blah that had passed and now has swung back into full gear with hormonal assistance.

5. BLOODSPRITE is all that matters.  Remember the chaotic part of my thoughts, yeah, is that showing through yet? BloodSprite is the first novel in the Therian World series. It's the worldbuilding novel and the very first I wrote. As an urban fantasy, it's darker than the two paranormal romances in the same world SHIFTING PASSIONS and A WAY TO A DRAGON'S HEART. But I still very much see it as a lovestory. I'm eager to do the revision and get final yay/nay so that I can move forward. But if I revise BLOODSPRITE it will lead to jumping into BLOOD QUEEN and that bumps other things that need to get done. So as much as I want to go into the writing cave and come out with a shiny new version of it, it has to wait.

6. If BLOODSPRITE doesn't get contracted, there's no point in continuing to write.  That's kinda true.

7. Anything that frames the current narrative of my life in terms of ALL and NEVER or other indication of absolutes cannot be trusted--especially at this time of the month.  Well, yeah.

8. It doesn't matter if it can be trusted EVERYTHING rest on that one novel because ALL I've done has been to launch that world and I'll NEVER recover if I can't make it work.  If you've been paying attention, I don't need to say more here.

9. I've done MY BEST. Whatever happens, HAPPENS.  This is my default state, but I've only seen it briefly the last few weeks. If it wanders your way, send it back when you're done benefiting from it.

10. I should stop writing for a while.   Notice there's no emphasis. The thought doesn't come with one. It's not a woe-is-me thought, but a tired, unmotivated thought. One that presumes if I stopped writing, I'd get to rest. I didn't write for 18 months after the move to New Mexico. I don't remember it as a restful period.

11. I'm DONE writing PERIOD.  There's the melodrama, we missed you.

12. None of the back and forth matters if I can't find the Right Job, or a way to make money At Home.  Quite true. My only current option takes three buses to get there, and I still haven't heard back, so no way to know for sure if I have it. With commute, that's a 12 hour day, with sleep, that's 4hrs a day to both write and maintain a 15yr relationship. You all see the danger that sleep is in, right?

13. EVERYTHING WILL BE *ALRIGHT*.  Which it will. The key is to keep this at the beginning of the sentence rather than the end. "Everythng will be alright, whatever happens", vs. "I suck at this writing thing, BUT everything will be alright."

*Yes, I am well aware of the formal and proper use of All Right vs the common, but still frowned upon Alright. I just don't care Ms. McJudgeyPants!

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