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Six Sentence Sunday #7

Greetings, Kittens!

Thank you all for the kind comments last week! I'm feeling a bit better, but over-did it in the heat Saturday, probably like many of us. So glad to see you again this week, and your comments are always appreciated. Today I'm going back to A WAY TO A DRAGON'S HEART since I'll be entering edits soon and it's on my mind. The following is just a few paragraphs after the First and Second offerings.


Kryssa needed something to calm her nerves before she forgot herself and a simple orientation became a full blown situation. A quick rooting through the fridge produced a large tub of raw vegetables. Almost before the top was fully off, several baby carrots disappeared into her mouth.

“Ooo, you eat vegetables too?”

Kryssa crunched louder and groaned, “We’re omnivores, you idiot.” The last two words came out a mumbled wreck that bought her a little extra time for decorum.

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Update: I've been told open ID is glitching and some of you have to post as anonymous. Please put your names in the subject line, or sign your post. And always feel free to leave your link as well. I just want to be sure to visit everyone who visits me, plus those extras I can sneak in now that I'm feelin a bit better. Thanks!
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Greetings, Kittens!

I ventured out for errands and came back home intent on using the last of my excess energy to bake a cinnamon swirl cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. I was all set and then it turned out that I didn't have enough powdered sugar to make the frosting, (yes, I make my own frosting because it's the only way I'll eat it), so the cake had to wait. It's been on my mind all night and as a result you get to visually indulge in yummy images of 13 Cakes.

Factoid: The term cupcake did not originally mean the miniature delights we think of now. It was used to distinguish the difference between a cake whose ingredients were measured out with measuring cups and one whose ingredients were measured out by weight. Most modern cakes are cupcakes. *grin*


1. Photobucket

2. Photobucket

3. Photobucket

4. Photobucket

5. Photobucket

6. Photobucket

7. Photobucket

8. Photobucket

9. Photobucket

10. Photobucket

11. Photobucket

12. Photobucket

13. Photobucket

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Talk Tuesday: Five Questions Answered

Greetings, Kittens!

I'm finally feeling better today. I'd say I'm at 67.4% which may sound low, but I've gotten quite a bit done between 60 and 70% in the past, so this is a win! Of course, I can't do much of it for extended periods of time, that requires getting up to 80%, but I did strength train today for the first time in...2011? Okay, so not true, I've been using my weighted hoops for upperbody training, but it's the first time I've used the resistance bands, or done a dedicated upperbody workout since I went fully into the CFS down cycle in June. It gives me hope.

It also gives me endorphins and before they wear off I wanted to get in here and get a blog done. I had a guest blog yesterday at Beyond the Veil and you are more than welcome to still drop in and talk about your character crushes. We had a wonderful time revealing them yesterday and would love your input!

I've been trying to get back to regular blogging for more than a year now and have finally found my rhythm in it. I just need to remember to post here, even when I'm actually guest posting elsewhere. It will help build the discipline of getting here three to four days a week, which in turn means visiting all of the people I miss  catching up with while I'm off doing other things.

One of My Folks I need to catch up with is the lovely Rosemary that many of you may know as sophy . I've owed her answers to a question exchange for a bit and she's been quite patient, so I'm going to dive in and share. Because blogging is all about the sharing, right?

To give you a little context, at the end of a long list of questions I asked her: What one (or ten) thing(s) do you most want to know about me? To which she replied:

1. I'd love to know more about the dual-gendered thing and what that means to you.

I love the way this is phrased, because the way I relate to being dual-gendered is in no way universal or meant to define that gender-identity for all who come. 

Personally, I've always felt that I was a boy as well as a girl. I assumed that I'd grow up and have breasts and a period and have babies, but that I'd also develope a penis and that would show I was a boy too.  Imagine my surprise to find out that it wasn't going to grow in; but to learn later on I could have several fallaces of my own that would come in various colors and multiple speeds!

I feel incredibly female and womanly and spiritually feminine, but no less male because of that. My masculinity simply lacks genital expression, but gender is in the brain not in the pelvis. Some women have penises, some men have vaginas, most dual-gendered have only one or the other, but it's all good.

2. What's your spirituality like?

Deep and abiding. But since they don't let you put that on a form I currently use the term Gaian. It encompasses so many things and holds a deep and evolving truth for me on a scientific and spiritual level. For me, the Earth is a living, breathing interconnected system, of which we are all a part. This is explored on the science side as The Gaia Theory.

On the spiritual side, I believe there is a cosmic consciousness invested in the concept of Gaia as the Earth Mother Goddess and so she is the most universal Goddess facet and so the one that resonates with me on an interactive level with the rest of the world.

I am entirely Goddess-Centered in my beliefs, because like myself, my image of the Divine being female makes it no less male. *smile* I don't need a god & goddess system to see men as equally divine. I believe all genders and all beings are shards of the Creative All and it doesn't matter how I visualize It, It still encompasses everything.

3. Do you have an online space where you post more personal type postings?

Not yet, but I will soon and I will let you know when it comes about.

4. I'm about to start Butler's Patternist series - what order do you think I should read them in? (that one's more about me than you.... so add in anything you want about the series and/or Butler and her impacts on you personally.)

It's been too long since I read them, so I don't have a suggestion on this.

5. What was your first fandom?

I have two answers for this. My first fandom was Star Trek:The Next Generation. It was the first time I became very involved with a show and everything to do with a it, including tie-in novels and conventions. That said, it's only fair to acknowledge Stargate SG1 as the fandom that would define fandom for me, for all time. It was the first full immersion in fandom on all levels including fanfiction and message boards, something I didn't have with STTNG. SG1 gave me the community of fandom and I now measure all fandom by that. *smile*

So there we are, Kittens. Five things about me and a bit of blogging while the getting was good.

Ramble Done


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Six Sentence Sunday #6

Greeting's Kittens!

Thanks for coming by this week. I'm sorry I missed out last Sunday, I'm still sick but I'll comment and visit as much as I can. Today's offer from DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT is directly after Six Sentence Sunday #5.


     Kincaid’s left hand worked his shirt out of his pants and up over his head. “I instigated this, I’m going to make amends. Skin to skin contact, don’t push for more, I’m all out of extra luck and saintly patience.” He dropped down to the balls of his feet and dipped his tongue into the hollow at the bottom of Ajay’s spine. Over the course of a full minute, he licked his way back to standing, pausing at each chakra point along the way to drag his tongue in a clockwise circle twice before moving on. He stayed flush to Ajay’s body, sliding skin to skin until he reached the back of Ajay’s neck and lightly bit down.

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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm going to try this again as LJ ate the post last night. Let's see if Dreamwidth will be more cooperative and cross-post this whenever Livejournal is back up.

We're clearing out our stores of cds and I'm coming across things I haven't seen in forever. I'd forgotten just how many soundtracks we have and I thought I'd share thirteen of them with you since we went through all that work getting them organized.

I'm also at
Simply Sexy Stories today answering 13 Interview Questions. Stop on by comment for a chance to win a copy of Dawn's Early Light. In the meantime here are 13 Soundtracks.



1. Star Wars I, IV-VI

2. Dune

3. Spirited Away

4. Princess Mononoke

5. The Crow

6. Hackers

7. The Matrix

8. Triple X

9. Blade I-III

10. Queen of the Damned

11. Buffy Once More with Feeling

12. Grease

13. Camp

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Greetings, Kittens!

There's a new Guardian's Circle novel debuting today and you know I just had to bring you the goods! Here are 13 Paragraphs of WORLD'S COLLIDE by Moondancer Drake.

Thursday Thirteen – Worlds Collide

(1) “Well, someone had a good time,” Maa Efi said, his eyes scanning the room. “Just the four?”

(2) “Yeah, just the four.” Rune watched as he moved into the room. His two college-aged sons appeared in the door next. “Did Akuma tell you we needed a transport, too?”

(3) “We’ll take him down,” the older of the brothers, Nathanial, said solemnly. Each was over six feet in height and had to duck his head to make it through the door. The broad shoulders and stocky build of all three men were attributes of their Samoan heritage.

(4) His brother, Kai, gave the women his signature boyish grin. “You ladies able to walk out of here on your own?”

(5) Both women nodded and stood, and Rune watched them eyeing the two muscular, dark-haired, young men with interest. It never ceased to amaze her how those boys could turn a young woman’s fears to lust with a dark brooding scowl or a charming smile. Maybe that was part of their power for keeping the secrets — distraction.

(6) Rune helped Nathanial and Kai get the humans to their van and lay the man on a pile of soft blankets in back. The man’s skin was cold and clammy. She checked his eyes and found the pupils dilated. “You need to get him to the hospital quickly. I can stay with your dad.”

(7) “No need. Dijony and Mary are on their way to help him clean up.” Kai grinned and pointed at a black SUV and motorcycle coming up the alley. “And here are the goddesses now.

(8) The two vehicles pulled to a stop next to the garage, and Rune stepped away from the back of the van. Kai moved to take the place Rune vacated and closed the double doors behind him with a click.

(9) “You’re a mess.” Mary got out of the driver’s side and tossed a plastic bag to Rune. “Thought you might need these.”

(10) Rune nodded her thanks and, as Dijony opened the back of Mary’s SUV, Rune climbed in. Rune stripped out of her bloody gear and changed into the blue jeans and t-shirt. “We’ve got civilians headed for the hospital. We covered?”

(11) “I already called Peter and Leo,” Mary called out from beyond the double steel doors of the SUV. “They’ll meet the guys at the hospital to deal with the paperwork.”

(12) Rune shoved her bloody clothes into the now empty plastic bag and tied it shut, then thrust it into her gym bag before climbing out of the van. With a goodbye wave to her friends and a cautious glance around to be certain the path was clear, Rune was once again headed home.

(13) Yeah, crashing a vamp party was a great way to spend an evening.

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Update. I have a T13 at Rawiyas Blog, 13 Reasons to Read Dawn's Early Light
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Six Sentence Sunday #5

Greetings, Kittens!

Thank you for coming by again this week. The following is a little after last week's offering from DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT. It's still Ajay and Kincaid being observed by Mackenzie.


It happened so quickly, Mackenzie missed the smaller details. One moment they were facing each other, the belt in both their hands and the tension between them threatening to take on physical form. The next moment Ajay’s upper body lay face-down across the dresser in the center of the closet, the belt cinched tight over his wrists, the end wrapped several times around Kincaid’s right hand.

“Don’t fight me, Ajay."

It took several tries for Ajay to form the panting breaths into words. “That would defeat the purpose.”

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Greetings, Kittens!

My first installment in the Masters of Passions feature at Queer Magazine Online is live today. Drop in and give your feedback on my viewpoints of how bisexuality is shown on the page and the importance of highlighting bisexual fidelity in polyamory relationships. As the title shared, it's my latest installment of the ongoing Writing From the Middle series. For previous installments:

Writing From the Middle: Bisexual Romance, Yes It Exist!

Writing From the Middle: Bi/Pan/Poly

Writing From the Middle: Getting Your Swirl On!

Writing From the Middle: Bisexual Fidelity

Happy Weekend, Lovelies!


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Thursday Thirteen #73 CFS Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I had a slight run-in over my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a few days ago, and I thought I'd learn from it and share a little bit here for those of you unfamiliar with it. I'm not in a mental space to discuss my feelings on it right now, but I thought I'd give you a short, to the point definition from the CDC and then 13 Symptoms of CFS. It's not an enjoyable subject, but learning new things itself should be enjoyable, so...


(Yes, I chose a sleeping angel for my CFS post because smiling is better than the alternative.
My persistant symptoms are in bold, occassional symptoms in italics)

CDC Definition: Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, is a debilitating and complex disorder characterized by profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may be worsened by physical or mental activity. Persons with CFS most often function at a substantially lower level of activity than they were capable of before the onset of illness. The cause or causes of CFS have not been identified and no specific diagnostic tests are available. Therefore, in order to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, a patient must satisfy two criteria:

Have severe chronic fatigue for at least six months or longer with other known medical conditions (whose manifestation includes fatigue) excluded by clinical diagnosis; and

Concurrently have four or more of the following symptoms:

1. Problems with sleep/unrefreshing sleep

2. Impaired memory or concentration

3. Persistent muscle Pain

4. Multi-joint pain without redness or swelling

5. Tender lymph nodes

6. Sore throat

7. Headache

8. Increased malaise (sickness or fatigue) following physical and mental exertion

Other symptoms associated but not used in diagnosis:

9. Irritable bowel

10. Depression or psychological disruptions (irritability, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks)

11. Chills and night sweats

12. Allergies or sensitivities to food, odors, chemicals, medications or noise

13. Dizziness, balance issues or fainting

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Six Sentence Sunday #4

Greetings, Kittens!

Thank you all for coming back again, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I've been asked for another glimpse of DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT, so in honor of it being a bright, shiny new release, I'll oblige. This is a scene between Kincaid, (Marshal Ides from GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST) and Ajay, (Agent McDaniels, Riley's Partner while Torrin was in the coma).


Kincaid seemed to hesitate and then he shook himself. “Right now the only activity you need to do is back your pretty little ass up and try on the shirt; and don’t go accidentally dropping that towel trying to entice somebody.”

“Yes, sir,” Ajay backed up. “No accidents involved.” He took off the towel and draped it over his shoulder. “Now that’s out of the way, do I get the same points for looking back over my shoulder that I do for looking up?”

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Thursday Thirteen #72 Smiley Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

Monday, July 4th was the release of my new book DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT (PsiCorps #2). I've shared excerpts in the past and it would have been quite logical to do so again today. There was also the option to give you 13 Reasons to buy DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT. But honestly, I've done four guest blogs and I have three more this month. I'm incredibly excited to have the new book out and to have something that expands the world and the relationships in the hands of readers, but I have no motivation to do a promo piece today. You all know me, if you've been intrigued and drawn in by the snippets I've posted, buy the book. Promo done. Now, back to that excitement. I've been smiling since Monday and that got me to thinking about how much I'd like to share you with you all 13 Smileys to brighten your days. So that's what I'm going to do!

1. Photobucket


3.Stickie Avatar


5. Photobucket


7. Photobucket

8. Photobucket

9. Photobucket

10. Photobucket

11. Photobucket

12. Photobucket

13. Photobucket

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P.S. Please remember to let me know who you are when you comment so I can make sure to visit your blog as well!
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Greetings, Kittens!

Happy 4th of July! Today is finally the release day for my second PsiCorps book DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT! Your favorites from GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST are all present, but the focus has shifted to a character introduced later in the book, Marshal Matthews. We follow his journey of self-discovery as he embraces the freedom to love without fear of loss. There are a great deal of surprises in store as all the right people find their way into each other's arms.

You can buy a copy
HERE. And can also win a copy of Dawn's Early Light or Ghost of Christmas Past by commenting on the blog post HERE.

I'll be doing a drawing at the end of the week for anyone who has read GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST and posted a review or rating. If you have one up on a blog or book forum, or leave one at Goodreads or Amazon, please leave the link below and I'll enter your name to win DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT. If you can't wait and buy the book, (thank you!), leave a link to your review/rating and you'll be entered to win a reserve copy of either A WAY TO A DRAGON'S HEART or PsiCorps Book 3, the day of release!


U.S. Marshal Mackenzie Matthews has spent the last six months on the most important witness protection assignment of his career--protecting PsiCorps’ own. The four agents under his care in the program have always had his admiration, but now, under such close quarters, they’ve earned his affections as well. Bonds formed after a dramatic showdown on Christmas Eve, and the concerted efforts in its wake to build a sense of normalcy around his pregnant charge, has Mackenzie the happiest he’s been in years and the most frightened.

To push for more not only questions his integrity as the lead marshal on the case, but it threatens the surrogate family that has engulfed him in a sense of home. Mackenzie is the only one that can see the danger in every step he takes--so he stands in place. He soon learns that he’s the only one not willing to move forward. In a whirlwind of revelation as the country celebrates the stars and stripes, Mackenzie is faced with what it means to truly be free. He’ll learn that sometimes no amount of caution can save you from what’s meant to be. Sometimes, no matter how deeply you bury secret desires in the darkness, it takes but a single kiss to reveal it all by the dawn’s early light.

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Six Sentence Sunday #3

Greetings, Kittens!

Here we are again for Six Sentence Sunday. I'd planned to give you more from A WAY TO A DRAGON'S HEART, but then I noticed the date. It's July 3rd and I have a new release tomorrow July 4th that it would be a shame not to share. We'll head back to Kryssa next week, but let's take a look at how Marshal Mackenzie Matthews is doing in DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT. Available
HERE tomorrow.

I was going to offer a bit of set-up, but I think even without context, the moment speaks for itself in a way I rather like.

Mackenzie tried to stall but couldn’t remember how. “To see if I could get away with it; because if what you said was true, you wouldn’t be upset.”

“I’m not upset.”

For the first time in the months of being together, of growing closer, he wasn’t entirely sure about that, and that was the allure. It finally clicked why everyone danced so close to the edge, stepping in time to her mercurial nature. The heightened awareness had his heart in this throat, and his body flooded his system with an adrenaline equivalent somewhere between coming in public and petting a tiger.

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Thursday Thirteen #71 Dessert Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

Yesterday was my birthday and I'm still recovering, so it's only now at 6:30pm MT that I remembered, I didn't put anything up for you all. In the the birthday cake traditions of celebration, I'm sharing 13 Desserts, I may or may not have had yesterday and/or will continue to indulge in over the next week.


1. Photobucket

2. Photobucket

3. Photobucket

4. Photobucket

5. Photobucket

6. Photobucket

7. Photobucket

8. Photobucket

9. Photobucket

10. Photobucket

11. Photobucket

12. Photobucket

13. Photobucket

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Interview at Casssandra Carr's

Greetings, Kittens!

I'm trying to be more mindful of those of you who don't use Facebook and Twitter or who don't use it often, and share things like interviews and guest blogs here on DW/LJ as well. (Because otherwise I'd have to update my site regularly, and yeah, right.

Today I have an interview up at Cassandra Carr's blog that gives a little insight into me and my writing process, and although it's not explicited stated, I am giving away a copy of GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST (PsiCorps #1) or if the winner has already read it, I will reserve a copy of DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT (PsiCorps #2).

So head on over, comment on questions, ask your own, and generally let me know if it's worth doing these things because it's stuff you all want to know.

Interview Ramble ~ Done


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Six Sentence Sunday #2

Greetings, Kittens!

I'm thrilled that so many of you enjoyed the glimpse into A WAY TO A DRAGON'S HEART last week and I thought it only right to bring you more. This follows directly after last week's offering.



Firmly ignoring the too-cute, too-blond, too-perky, Barbie clone, Kryssa continued the tour to the
break room, explaining the shelving and territorial marking of foodstuffs. Just when she thought the dedicated over-talking of the girl had imparted a clue to the temp, it—she—took Kryssa’s arm.

“You’re like, warm and stuff.”

Large, chocolate eyes gave a slow blink as she looked at the girl. Taking that extra breath before speaking, just like they’d taught in anger management, Kryssa tucked a glossy black spiral curl behind her ear and sighed. “The air conditioner is on low and it’s eighty-nine degrees outside, not to mention I’m Therian and run hot; so what exactly is the mystery?”
           The bubbly twit smiled, tilted her head, and gave an affectionate squeeze, confirming the suspicion she had indeed originated from the head cheerleading rung of hell.

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From the Huffington Post

Gay couples and proponents of gay rights have a reason to celebrate tonight, as the New York State Senate has passed a bill that allows same sex marriage.

New York will be the sixth, and largest, state in the union to adopt gay marriage. The bill will take effect 30 days after governor Andrew Cuomo signs it into law.

The decision, which passed 33-29, was the culmination of weeks of contentious debate and negotiations between Governor Cuomo and the GOP-controlled Senate. After the bill passed in the Assembly, it was unclear if the bill had secured enough votes to pass in the Senate. When a few notable undecideds joined the cause --including Republican Roy McDonald who famously defended his decision, saying "fuck it, I don't care what you think. I'm trying to do the right thing" -- the scale in favor of gay marriage seemed to tip.

Even when governor Cuomo had secured 31 votes (32 are needed to pass the bill), the next hurdle was whether Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos would allow the bill to come to a vote on the Senate floor. But on Friday, after days of crafting religious protections into the bill, and seven hours of GOP leaders' backroom conferencing, Skelos said the bill could come to a vote.

The turning point in the debate came early when Republican Senator Stephen Saland threw his support behind the measure, being the 32nd senator to do so, clinching the support needed to pass the bill. "I have to define doing the right thing as treating all persons with equality," Senator Saland said, "I certainly am at peace with my vote."

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Thursday Thirteen #70 Ramble Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

It's another lovely Thursday and I completely forgot that I hadn't done a T13 today. Of course, I completely forgot it was Thursday, which may have something to do with it. Right now I'm in the midst of a rather long and stressful period over which I have little control, but like those periods before, it will pass. While it's taking its time on that, I've still got deadlines so the last three days have steered all of the lucidity towards writing the third PsiCorps novel. The entire situation has my thoughts in a rather interesting, if chaotic pattern, come and take a look and you'll understand why I forgot it was Thursday.

Also, LJ friends, LJcuts are still not working for me, I apologize. I offer eye candy and a reminder of a weeklong giveaway. After you comment all of you should go to the beginning of the Sexy Summer Solstice BlogHop and click through to take in the free reads, register to win free ebooks and enter to win a Nook at the end.



1. I NEED to finish this book by the July 5th deadline.  This gives the impression that the story is beating itself against the inside of my skull, refusing to be denied, for its time is now, ordained by the heavens opening up and etching the date in stone. Unfortunately, as cool as that would have been to behold, it's not at all the situation.

I need to finish it by July 5th because I started it with that deadline in mind and can't let go of it. That's it, just plain ole OCD, nothing else nifty about it. The publisher has July 5th as the cut off for a Christmas release, GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST (PsiCorps 1), came out last December, DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT (PsiCorps 2) will release July 4th I believe and if I finish PsiCorps 3 in time and it's up to par, it will bookend with another December release. I like the thought, that's all.

2. I need to finish this book by SEPTEMBER 5TH.  This is more accurate. Making this deadline with a kick-ass story would mean coming out around Valentine's Day, which would be beautiful and somewhat less stressful since I have an October release that I'll still be promoting and focused on come December.

3. I NEED to revise BLOODSPRITE and get it in immediately.  This feeling won't leave because I received a revision request and beta feedback that gave me a direction to go in. In fact, it's messing about with the revision that put me behind on PsiCorps 3 until thought cycle1 kicked back in.

4. It DOESN'T MATTER if I revise BLOODSPRITE.  Yeah, this is a bit of blah that had passed and now has swung back into full gear with hormonal assistance.

5. BLOODSPRITE is all that matters.  Remember the chaotic part of my thoughts, yeah, is that showing through yet? BloodSprite is the first novel in the Therian World series. It's the worldbuilding novel and the very first I wrote. As an urban fantasy, it's darker than the two paranormal romances in the same world SHIFTING PASSIONS and A WAY TO A DRAGON'S HEART. But I still very much see it as a lovestory. I'm eager to do the revision and get final yay/nay so that I can move forward. But if I revise BLOODSPRITE it will lead to jumping into BLOOD QUEEN and that bumps other things that need to get done. So as much as I want to go into the writing cave and come out with a shiny new version of it, it has to wait.

6. If BLOODSPRITE doesn't get contracted, there's no point in continuing to write.  That's kinda true.

7. Anything that frames the current narrative of my life in terms of ALL and NEVER or other indication of absolutes cannot be trusted--especially at this time of the month.  Well, yeah.

8. It doesn't matter if it can be trusted EVERYTHING rest on that one novel because ALL I've done has been to launch that world and I'll NEVER recover if I can't make it work.  If you've been paying attention, I don't need to say more here.

9. I've done MY BEST. Whatever happens, HAPPENS.  This is my default state, but I've only seen it briefly the last few weeks. If it wanders your way, send it back when you're done benefiting from it.

10. I should stop writing for a while.   Notice there's no emphasis. The thought doesn't come with one. It's not a woe-is-me thought, but a tired, unmotivated thought. One that presumes if I stopped writing, I'd get to rest. I didn't write for 18 months after the move to New Mexico. I don't remember it as a restful period.

11. I'm DONE writing PERIOD.  There's the melodrama, we missed you.

12. None of the back and forth matters if I can't find the Right Job, or a way to make money At Home.  Quite true. My only current option takes three buses to get there, and I still haven't heard back, so no way to know for sure if I have it. With commute, that's a 12 hour day, with sleep, that's 4hrs a day to both write and maintain a 15yr relationship. You all see the danger that sleep is in, right?

13. EVERYTHING WILL BE *ALRIGHT*.  Which it will. The key is to keep this at the beginning of the sentence rather than the end. "Everythng will be alright, whatever happens", vs. "I suck at this writing thing, BUT everything will be alright."

*Yes, I am well aware of the formal and proper use of All Right vs the common, but still frowned upon Alright. I just don't care Ms. McJudgeyPants!

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Sexy Summer Solstice Bloghop

 Greetings, Kittens!

Blessed Solstice! If you're just joining me, this is an official post within the Sexy Summer Solstic Bloghop and you can just click on the link to dive in for a chance to win ebooks, gift cards and even a Nook.

We have a very diverse offering this hop, from excerpts, to eyes candy, to an interconnected story. For your reading pleasure, I've done an offshoot of the wonderful starter chapter from the lovely Alanna Coca, that was fabulous fun to write! Please leave an email with your comments and I'll choose a winner of my July 4th release DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT. In the meantime, take a look at what else is happening around the Crimson Dawn Ranch.



“They’ve arrived. A rather eclectic bunch this year from the look of things.” Chemere waved a hand in front of the mirror and the images froze.

“Is Jessie there?”

She turned and looked at Feredrik a long moment. “As opposed to where, Rik? Who else would be greeting visitors to Crimson Dawn in her place?”

Rik shrugged, an amethyst hue taking his cheeks as blood rushed beneath his cobalt skin. “She doesn’t own it in that dimension, I couldn’t be sure.”

“Oh, sweetie, you really need to go and talk to her about how you feel already—in any dimension.” Chemere kissed her brother’s cheek. “It’s your turn. That dimension had Lindee Penton and Will Treadworth, so we’re close. But he came alone.”

“Treadworth?” Rik sighed. The gossamer loincloth swirled around his knees. He brushed his hand over the hem of his vest and touched the mirror. “Could it be a paperwork error, or a professional use? I mean how close are we?”

“Pretty close, Zoe is there but I don’t know the depth of her abilities. Try a few parallel’s to the left. We have a good time window, so go forward as far as you can too. We need Will to have taken his mother’s maiden name after the divorce, it shapes his entire approach to Lindee as well as his willingness to listen to Zoe’s prediction and take the plunge. Aim for dinner time, he’s always more comfortable around food.”

Rik brushed his fingers over the smooth surface, flipping through the onion layers separating the worlds that bordered Fairie. “What if we can’t get exacts? He was hiding his attraction through overcompensating disregard, that can be worked with, right? Maybe we’ll just have to make due.”

“Maybe, but not on that world.” She tucked a strand of hair behind a delicate, pointed ear. “First, the overlap is a concern. Liana has a claim there in John. If that wasn’t enough, Will has already thoroughly ticked Lindee off. Her anger might translate to arousal and receptiveness somewhere down the line, but not enough for our purposes. I can’t turn her fantasies of disemboweling him with her dessert spoon, into a happy conception of a future MoonWeaver. I’m not that talented.”

“You are.” He disagreed. “But I won’t make you work that hard. I know I have them both going in this direction, what are the secondary details I need?”

A deep breath drew wisps of the silver fog swirling around their feet, down into her lungs. “We need a Betweener. If Will’s collegue doesn’t show up, a Betweener can do all of the heavy lifting. Also, we need a better catalyst. A Dr. Santorini showed up for that one and he simply won’t due. I think we have a better chance if we go with the television contest over the radio.”

Rik laughed. “Because universities and corporations tend to send someone photogenic and pretty people who dig around in the dirt for a living are more likely to make great catalyst and even be Betweeners. Two for the price of one, I like your thinking.” He backtracked and enlarged the first image with a camera crew. They were packing up in the twilight, a few were eating. “Got it. The local television station is on the scene, Will and Lindee are talking.” He placed his hand flat and closed his eyes. “Dr. Santorini still won, but he’s not the only geologist on site. Colorado University pulled strings and sent Dr. Erik Lever.” His breath rushed out of him. “Chemmy, come look. I think Erik is dormant.”
Chemere touched the mirror, closed her eyes and looked out into the Wyoming expanse. 
* * *

“Yes, that’s right.” Lindee leaned in the doorway connecting the two rooms and smiled at the incredibly handsome and vaguely familiar face she’d been trying to place in the hours since meeting him on the bus. “I’m the astrologer for the New York Century magazine.”

Will gave an enthusiastic nod. “I read your column ever day, you have a real talent. Most are just vague rambling, but you go into such depth and you’ve been spot on more times than not.”

“Wow, thanks. Most people think it’s nonsense or they believe, but only in a very general sense.”

“Oh no, I know that there’s real influence. Just like the tides are swayed by the heavens, our inner cycles react as well. We have free will of course, but we make those decisions based on the influences.” He stuck his hands in his pockets. “Sorry, I must sound a little, well, something. My mom is into all of this, so I grew up with very particular views.”

Lindee hoped her face wasn’t flushed and her smile wasn’t too big. “No, you sound fine. I mean I believe in the influence completely, but I’m totally Team Free Will!”

“I love that show.” He replied.

She didn’t quite know what to do with that. Either he was into monsters and bloodshed or he was into hot guys, or worse, he watched with his girlfriend. None of those sounded particularly promising. Maybe if he’d arrived with said girlfriend, but Lindee hadn’t done something like that since college. A blush tried to form. “It’s a great show.” She said quickly.

“I know, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I cover it in my column, The Best TV You Probably Missed.”

Oh thank goodness, he watched for his column. There was still hope. He didn’t have a ring, he was interested in her work and although a little hard to tell, she felt pretty sure he was flirting. “Treadworth, yes, I read that column. It’s in Entertainment Today, right?” Of course she recognized him, his picture was on the website next to his article every Saturday.

He shrugged. “Will GreenTree actually. I used Treadworth for the magazine to keep it separate from my other work.”

“As an astronomer.” She interrupted. “You did a companion piece to one of my seminars last year.” How had she missed it? It was like a veil lifting from her memories.

“You remember that?” He stammered through an incomplete sentence and took a deep breath. “It was a great time.”

“It was a fabulous time.” She gave him a playful punch in the arm. “What happened to you? I looked for you afterwards and you just disappeared. You said all of those kind things about me and I wanted to take you out for a drink.” Lots of drinks in fact and to let it lead where tequila often does. How had she misplaced the face that stalked her dreams for months when it stood right in front of her now?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disappear. I had some things to settle. It was the first time I’d been back stateside in a while and I needed to catch up on some things and uh, see some people.” He looked at his feet and took a breath. “If I’d known, I’d have looked you up when I was done.” He met her gaze. “Since we’re here and all, maybe I can take you up on that drink when we go down to dinner.”

“That would be great!” She looked down at her hands and the bits of red soil still clinging to them. She’d made a wish for her life to have more excitement before tossing the soil into the bonfire with everyone else. This had a lot of promise. “Just let me wash up and we can head down.” The dining hall would probably have everyone in it. She’d loved all of the attention during the ceremony from the geologist, Eric, or as she and Zoe had dubbed him, Professor Nice Ass; but he was just being polite. It was a professional passion not a real interest, she could tell by how quickly he’d left to his room. This with Will could be something real and there was no need to share it if she didn’t have to. She cleared her throat. “Or if you’d like to see if they have room service.”

“Uh, well, I.” He crossed his arms. “Yeah, that, yeah, um, it.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets. “It would be nice, sure. Sounds good.”

Lindee pinched the skin between her thumb and forefinger to keep her smile from becoming a laugh. “My co-worker said the foods amazing here, he came up last year. Just order a few things that seem interesting and I’ll jump in the shower.”

He froze a second. “Do you want me to close this door?”

“Um, that’s sweet, Will. I’m sure the bathroom door has a lock. You don’t plan to kick it in or anything and put my twelve years of self defense to use, do you?”

“Oh dear god, no. I wouldn’t dream, I’m not that kind of, I mean.”

She slapped her hand over her mouth at his look of shock and horror. “Oh no, it’s okay, I’m just kidding, Will. It’s okay. I know you’re a good guy. I talked to three dozen people about you, trying to figure out where you went or where to send a thank you note. I’m not worried. Let’s just keep it simple. This door open. Bathroom door closed. It’s all good.”

He let out a breath and nodded. “Okay. As long as you know and everything. In fact,” He walked over to the main door. “I’ll open this and wait for room service and everything will be great. Sound good?”

Eric Lever stood on the other side of the door, one hand poised to knock. “Well that’s great timing. It’s good to see you, Will.”

They knew each other. Lindee didn’t know what to do with that, but all sorts of interesting thoughts cropped up to keep her company in the shower.

Will just stood there. “What can I do for you, Eric?”

“ Come on, I gave you the entire trip here and the ceremony to adjust to me being here. Invite me in. I have a proposal.”

“Is it the indecent kind?” Lindee asked before she could stop herself.

“It can be. I didn’t know I’d be getting a two-for-one special with this visit.” Eric answered. “Initially, however, I’ve come for your hands.”

“What?” They asked in unison.

“Your hands. The soil has a special reaction with natural body oils, I’d like a chance to collect samples before you wash your hands if it’s not too late. Also, samples from your clothes where you might have wiped your hands would be invaluable.” He opened the messenger bag slung across his body and pulled out a bottle of scotch. “It’s single malt, expensive and a clear bribe to be indulged. I’ve also taken the liberty of calling room service and ordering. I hear the food is amazing. It’s all on me. Just let me in.”

“Fine.” Will stepped aside. “Eric, you’ve met Lindee. It was her seminar I spoke at last year for the record.” He closed the door and leaned against it. “Lindee, this is Eric, the reason I disappeared last year.”

“Wait, he’s what you had to do last year?” She asked.

“Wow.” Eric laughed. “The two of you went to intimate conversation quickly. What kind of details did you share, should I be embarrassed?”

Damn! Damn, damn, damn! He did watch the show for the hot guys. She’d been making a complete fool of herself—with both of them no less. Damn! “I can go. I don’t want to get in the middle if the two of you need some personal time.” She said.

“Really?” Eric asked. “The indecent proposal was your idea. Besides, we’ve always had such great compliments from people in the middle of us when we shared personal time.”

Her mouth hung open. She closed it. “Um.” That was all she had. A knock at the door saved her from admitting it.

“That’s room service.” Eric smiled. “Let me swab your hands, we can drink, eat and work out the details along the way. Sound good?”

It sounded very good. Intense, titillating and completely crazy, but definitely good. She was the one that asked for the proposal and the one that wished for excitement. “Sounds good to me.”
* * *

Chemere let go of the mirror and laughed. It was all perfect. “With that combination I can do better than a MoonWeaver, brother. I can make a Monarch. There’s a High Queen or King in their genes. This is beautiful.”

“It’ll be a perfect cascade, yes? Monarchs and MoonWeavers in all touching dimensions. We found the exact one we need.” Rik said.

“No, not we, you found it. This is all do to my perfect other half.”
She pulled the scene back and moved through the rest of the ranch until she found Jessie. She stood near the stables, looking up at the night sky, lost to her thoughts in the descending darkness.

“Perfect.” Chemere kissed her brother’s cheek and placed her hand on his back. “You know I love you don’t you, Baby Brother?”

“Chemmy, what are you doing? You only use those eleven seconds to make me your baby brother when you’re about to do something.”

She touched the mirror with her other hand and smiled. “Every Queen needs a consort, right? Go talk to her, make me some options.” With that she pushed him through.

Rik stumbled in the grass. The loincloth billowed around his legs and conformed in a feather soft covering of denim. The matching vest became a t-shirt in the same hue as his cobalt skin. Skin that took on human tones of chestnut and copper. The crown, nestled in intricate Fae braidwork, became a Stetson covering his usual emerald tresses that now fell to his shoulders in deepest black. Dwarven sandals grew into the well-worn cowboy boots that Rik knew well.

He looked behind him, the portal long gone. “Chemmy.”
“Rick?” Jessie said.

“Uh, hey, Jessie.” He gave another look over his shoulder and walked over.

“I didn’t know you were coming up. It’s good to see you. You missed the ceremony though.”

“Yeah, I had work to do. We got in some new breeding stock, I had to help go over some things.” He said.

“Did Kim come up with you?” Jessie asked.

“I’m sure she’s getting into something around here somewhere. I’ll find her in a little while. She and I have some serious things to go over.” He leaned against the stable wall. “How have you been?”

Jessie shrugged and looked up at the sky again. “I missed you. I’m glad you’re here.”

He glanced over to the empty clearing. Chemere met his gaze from the other side of the veil and nodded encouragement. “I missed you too, Jessie. How about we get some food and talk?”

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Six Sentence Sunday #1

Greetings, Kittens!

It's my first Six Sentence Sunday and I bring you a glimpse at the opening of A WAY TO A DRAGON'S HEART, coming out in October with Liquid Silver Books.



“So, you like, get scaly, and big, and stuff?”

               Kryssa Drake gritted her teeth and counted to five. What she wanted to do was get scaly, and big, and stuff, and eat the annoying young woman following her around the office loft, but Human Resources had warned her about doing that again. Not that she’d actually eaten the other temps, but the way that last one had hollered you’d have thought she had him half swallowed when security showed up. It’s what they got for sending irritating, yet crunchy and salty-good humans during her period. It was a conspiracy.

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UN Backs Gay Rights

By Frank Jordans, Associated Press

GENEVA – The United Nations endorsed the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people for the first time ever Friday, passing a resolution hailed as historic by the U.S. and other backers and decried by some African and Muslim countries.

The declaration was cautiously worded, expressing "grave concern" about abuses because of sexual orientation and commissioning a global report on discrimination against gays.

But activists called it an important shift on an issue that has divided the global body for decades, and they credited the Obama administration's push for gay rights at home and abroad.

"This represents a historic moment to highlight the human rights abuses and violations that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face around the world based solely on who they are and whom they love," U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a statement.

Following tense negotiations, members of the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Council narrowly voted in favor of the declaration put forward by South Africa, with 23 votes in favor and 19 against.

Backers included the U.S., the European Union, Brazil and other Latin American countries. Those against included Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Pakistan. China, Burkina Faso and Zambia abstained, Kyrgyzstan didn't vote and Libya was suspended from the rights body earlier.

The resolution expressed "grave concern at acts of violence and discrimination, in all regions of the world, committed against individuals because of their sexual orientation and gender identity."

More important, activists said, it also established a formal U.N. process to document human rights abuses against gays, including discriminatory laws and acts of violence. According to Amnesty International, consensual same-sex relations are illegal in 76 countries worldwide, while harassment and discrimination are common in many more.

"Today's resolution breaks the silence that has been maintained for far too long," said John Fisher of the gay rights advocacy group ARC International.

The resolution calls for a panel discussion next spring with "constructive, informed and transparent dialogue on the issue of discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against" gays, lesbians and transgender people.

The prospect of having their laws scrutinized in this way went too far for many of the council's 47-member states.

"We are seriously concerned at the attempt to introduce to the United Nations some notions that have no legal foundation," said Zamir Akram, Pakistan's envoy to the U.N. in Geneva, speaking on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Nigeria claimed the proposal went against the wishes of most Africans. A diplomat from the northwest African state of Mauritania called the resolution "an attempt to replace the natural rights of a human being with an unnatural right."

Boris Dittrich of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights program at Human Rights Watch said it was important for the U.S. and Western Europe to persuade South Africa to take the lead on the resolution so that other non-Western countries would be less able to claim the West was imposing its values.

At the same time, he noted that the U.N. has no enforcement mechanism to back up the resolution. "It's up to civil society to name and shame those governments that continue abuses," Dittrich said.

The Obama administration has been pushing for gay rights both domestically and internationally.

In March, the U.S. issued a nonbinding declaration in favor of gay rights that gained the support of more than 80 countries at the U.N. In addition, Congress recently repealed the ban on gays openly serving in the military, and the Obama administration said it would no longer defend the constitutionality of the U.S. law that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage.

The vote in Geneva came at a momentous time for the gay rights debate in the U.S. Activists across the political spectrum were on edge Friday as New York legislators considered a bill that would make the state the sixth — and by far the biggest — to allow same-sex marriage.

Asked what good the U.N. resolution would do for gays and lesbians in countries that opposed the resolution, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel Baer said it was a signal "that there are many people in the international community who stand with them and who support them, and that change will come."

"It's a historic method of tyranny to make you feel that you are alone," he said. "One of the things that this resolution does for people everywhere, particularly LGBT people everywhere, is remind them that they are not alone."

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Thursday Thirteen #69 Television Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I finished edits on one project, I'm under deadline for a second and under revision for a third. That's allowed a lot of television to stack up. So here are 13 Shows We Need To Clear Off The DVR.



1. How Earth Changed History.  This is a great show on National Geograph that examines how the elements shaped the earth as we know it. I hate the title just as I hate "How Weather Changed History". Unless tornados can move back in time, it didn't change history, it merely shaped it.

2. Supernatural.  Okay, technically I have the entire season 6 on the DVR and I watched it all, but still, it's there and likes to be acknowledged.

3. Nikita.  I'm still torn on how I feel about Nikita, which is why it's still on the DVR. I love that a Woman of Color is heading a show in a kick-ass role and I have a major couple crush on Nikita and Michael/ Maggie Q and Shane West. That said, I'm not as invested as I wish I was.

4. Breakout Kings.  This one surprised me, but I really do like it. I've managed to miss announcement on whether or not it's coming back, so don't share.

5. Glee.  Yes, yes, I know, how did I miss this? The answer, skillfully. I was out of town and we just haven't gotten around to it. I need to be in a particular mood for Glee and I haven't been feeling it. By next Thursday, I'm sure it'll be seen.

6. Game of Thrones.  This is another mood based show. Considering the depth of the material they had to work with, this is an incredible adaptation. But having read the books and knowing what's coming, I just can't get myself to watch right now. The next time I'm feeling gritty and depressing, I'll marathon them and deal with the inevitable.

7. Teen Wolf.  Love this show! Stunned to do so, but love this one.

8. Sanctuary.  This was skipped because I prefer watching 2 to 3 at a time, so it works well when I'm under deadline to bank these.

9. In Plain Sight.  The partial inspiration for my PsiCorps Chronicles, I love the dynamic between Mary and Marshall and I can't wait to catch up on this soon.

10. White Collar.  Peter and Neal. Need I saw more? 

11. Covert Affairs. Auggie and Annie. Piper Perabo is so cute and Christopher Gorham is a longterm crush back to Jake2.0, put them together in a show with real chemistry and I'm a fan!

12. Flashpoint.  I don't even know how I found this Canadian gem, but I'm so thrilled I did. We just marathoned the last three or four of these and it was a beautiful thing. It's also, in part, responsible for my PsiCorps Chronicles. I just love close law enforcement relationships and happily took it to a whole new level in PsiCorps. Mmm....the thoughts. *grin*

13. The Rachel Maddow Show.  Yes, I watch a news show. In fact, the DVR regularly holds 4.5 hrs of news shows a day from GoodMorning America onward. I record them because I'm usually asleep or busy when they're on and then in the evening I fast-forward through the repetiton, catching the highlights important to me and watching how particular stories have developed over the course of the day.

So there you have it, 13 of the well more than 13 things camping on my DVR. This fall I think I might dedicate a month to television. Doing 13 at a pop, I think it would take at least four T13's to cover all the things I watch. *grin* I guess we'll see.

Happy Thursday!


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Thursday Thirteen #68 Maddy Barone Edition

 Greetings, Kittens!

Do you see my userpice and that hot and lovely cover in the corner? Well DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT (PsiCorps #2) is now in edits and meanwhile Untitled PsiCorps #3 is due in the not so very long, if I want a shot at a Christmas release. Luckily, the ever lovely Maddy Barone has come to be a balm of relief and gifted us with 13 Paragraphs of WOLF'S GLORY. Isn't she the sweetest!



 1.     Shadow watched the woman riding beside him with wonder. At last, his wolf had chosen a mate for him. And what a mate. This was no thin scrap of a woman. No, his mate was tall and strong, with soft lush curves that he wanted to explore in great and loving detail. Her face was a soft oval with startlingly pale blue eyes and a soft, plump mouth that he wanted to taste again. He couldn’t stop looking at her hair. “Why is your hair pink?” he asked, fascinated.


2.     After one last kiss he stepped back. Good thing, too, thought Glory, because the kid was back, all big curious eyes and long black braids. Shadow took the bowl of stew and shooed the kid off. As she spooned warm stew into her mouth she looked around his tent. Spartan didn’t begin to describe it. Glory hated camping even more than she hated clothes shopping. Good thing she wouldn’t be here long. 

3.     “Excuse me.” This voice was different. Glory looked up and saw one of the plane-crash survivors politely raising a hand like a kid in school. Well, it made sense. She was still in the all-arms and gawky-legs stage of being a teenager. “Excuse me. What exactly do you mean by wolves within you? Is it symbolic?”

4.     Glory tried not to cry. She hated crying, especially in front of strangers. But everything hit her at once. Her parents were dead. She was stuck here, in this crazy world with werewolves. For God’s sake, werewolves? She wanted her own bed. Her own bathroom. She wanted her own life back.

5.     Glory waited for Sky to hand over the rolled-up bandage, but he was staring open-mouthed at Rose, inhaling deeply, bandage forgotten in one hand. Glory smirked a little. “Rose, have you met Sky yet? Rose, this is Sky, Shadow’s brother. Sky, meet Rose Turner from the plane.”

6.     Shadow flipped his waist length hair over his shoulder. “We have enough meat for a few
days. Others can hunt.” This time his kiss was a lot less comforting and a lot more sexy. Damn, he could kiss. His kiss could bring a dead woman back to life just so her toes could curl. It was the type of kiss to make a woman forget the hurt people around her, the blankets boiling in the pot behind her, and even
the fact that she was wearing torn, filthy clothes. She felt beautiful and desirable and reveled in it.

7.     He lifted his lips away and stared at her with eyes that shimmered wolf-gold in their black depths. “Are you giving me orders?” he asked with mild disbelief. “All right. But when I come back we’re going to finish this.” He gave her one more kiss and walked away, fading to his wolf form even as he untied the string of his breechcloth and let it drop. Glory had about a second to admire that muscled physique before it blurred into fur.

8.     Did werewolves give off extra-strong pheromones? Glory had read that modern Americans had showered and deodorized natural pheromones away. That couldn’t be the case with the Clan. They all smelled pretty natural, sometimes to the point of stinking. But Shadow didn’t smell bad to her. She inhaled his scent and felt a whisper of desire curl deep inside 

9.      “Yes,” Glory crooned at the dog. “Those two girls are Bad. Calling them bitches would be an insult to you, wouldn’t it? You’re a very smart little dog.” She made little kissing noises before she straightened back up. “Seriously,” she told Shadow. “Those two are a waste of time. The other one, Sherry … Some guy says she’s his mate, but she’s scared to death of him. And I know why.”

10. Carefully, slowly, Shadow released her. His eyes were almost frightening in their intensity. He turned with deliberate calm and walked with dignity around the fire back to his place. His face was smooth and cold, but his eyes shimmered across the fire at her. Glory swore she saw his wolf in those black eyes.

11. Before the sun was up Shadow forced himself out of bed. He was careful to smooth the blankets back into place around his mate so that she would stay warm. Did she love him? Once he had thought that just her acceptance of their mating would be enough. Now he knew acceptance alone would never satisfy him. He wanted her heart. Her love.

12. Quill put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed. His voice was hardly a whisper when he said, “It’s hard to not be able to have your mate at your side.”

13. A familiar scent in the crisp air made her inhale deeply, her heart flinging itself into her throat. “Shadow?” She thought she yelled, but it came out in a choked whisper audible only to wolf ears. She didn’t notice the way all the wolves stopped their play to watch her scramble to her knees and swing around. He was there, long hair drifting in the breeze over his naked body, gaze fixed on her. She devoured him with her eyes. He looked magnificent, all bare brown skin and taut muscle under what seemed like miles of black hair.

UPDATE: A commenter will win a copy of Sleeping With the Wolf (After the Crash Book 1) or if you already own it a copy of Wolf's Glory (After the Crash Book 2)!


Wolf's Glory After the Crash, Book 2

When goth-girl Glory Peterson’s plane crashes she walks to find help. What she finds are people living in teepees like it’s the Old West. Wolf’s Shadow knows Glory is his mate. Glory’s happy to take a roll in the hay with him while she’s waiting for transportation back to civilization, but when she finds out she’s gone fifty years into the future and Shadow is a bossy werewolf who thinks he owns her, her attitude changes fast. Shadow is used to giving orders that are obeyed. Glory hasn’t obeyed an order since kindergarten. When two strong-willed lovers clash, who will win?  

Wolf's Glory at Liquid Silver Books

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WisCon 35: A Look Back In Gratitude

Greetings, Kittens!

I'm finally feeling myself again after a wonderful, but taxing, week away at the World's Leading Feminist Science Fiction (and Fantasy) Convention, also known as WisCon. I had a fabulous time from day one and was sorry to go on the last day, as ready as my body may have been for it all. I don't have panel write-ups for the convention, but may I suggest that you Go Here and fill up on all the summary goodness provided!

I was scheduled for four panels, but due to the absence of a panelist and the generosity of the moderator and remaining panelist, I got to sit on five. The panel I "crashed" was titled: Paranormal/Sci-fi Erotica: More Room for Feminist and Anti-Racist Discourse? First, the answer to that question is a resounding yes, it is. Second, this panel took place at 10:30 Friday night and set the course for the entire convention, for which I'm exceedingly grateful. I immediately felt back at home at WisCon and remembered why I keep going back.

I loved being on Slactivism, Fringe: How is Olivia Duhnam so Awesome? and Your Fandom is Okay, panels. I felt heard, I walked away with expanded views and I could have stayed in each room for hours beyond the time we had. So by no means is this a comparison when I say I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED being on the What Is Queerness? panel! Between being on that panel and attending, I'd Object if I Weren't Invisible: Bisexual Visibility and Princess Boys: Is Male Femininity the Last Wave of Feminism? I have never felt more validated in a public space.

All three panels touched on the things I feel as an out Bisexual/Polysexual author who writes exclusively bisexual, polysexual and sexually fluid characters and worlds. I cannot remember such a sense of community in the last few years as I felt participating on or at those panels. More importantly, I saw what that sense of community and acceptance did for others struggling with where they belong on the spectrum of their own fluid sexuality and/or gender identity.

Comments made at the Queerness panel led to hours of conversation throughout the rest of the convention and online since I've returned home. I was incredibly honored to be a part of where everyone stood in their individual journies, on that given day, in that moment, and I feel blessed for those connections that have extended well beyond. Since moving cross-country, I'd forgotten how vital community can be to someone still finding their way and the convention safe space created by WisCon reminded me that regardless of how inactive it may be, I have a part to play in my local community.

Beyond the intense feeling of community and the desire for more of it, I had a few revelations about my health as well while at WisCon. I didn't take a brace with me due to last minute rushing and I limped, sometimes severely, throughout my entire time away. The issue wasn't merely with my knee but with the muscles surrounding the knee. My lower quad tightened so severely that I couldn't bend my leg and it only got worse as the days went on. I spent each night of the convention popping acetaminephen, crawling into bed and wishing I had something stronger so that I could do more. I missed well more than I thought I'd have to, but I don't regret a single moment. Missing out forced me to come to terms with a few things.

More years ago than I'll bother to count, I was diagnosed with CFS and part of that package is muscle and joint pain, especially centered around older injury sites. I've spent the last year blaming a minor twist and over-exercising as responsible for the, sometimes immobilizing, pain around my left leg, upper back and sciatic nerve. It's not inaccurate, but it's only 10% of the story.

I'm in a down-cycle of the CFS, I've known it for two years and I've ignored it. The energy issue has all been about the insomnia, the pain about this stumble or that fall, the depression related to my bloodsugar issues, there's always been something else to look at; but all of it is on the surface, riding a down-cycle wave of CFS, that I've left unattended. To look at it for what it was, would be to admit that I was no longer in remission and the honeymoon period of late 2006 to 2009 was well and truly over. Instead, during the up cycle in 2009, I worked and pushed too hard and by last year this time, I'd sparked the down-cycle. Every small rebound I treated like a recovery and over did it, only to spark another down-cycle worse than the one before. This particular cycle is the worst I've had since 1994, which ended in double-pneumonia. I kinda don't want to go there again.

So, there it is. I've said it aloud. I'm in a full down-cycle with the CFS and I can't sprint my way out of it as I've tried to time and again this last year. This, as always, is a crawl that will progress to a walk, that will become brisk and determined and end with sprinting somewhere on the horizon. Keeping that in mind and obeying the simple rules of dealing with my CFS the last five days, has led to my first (relatively) pain free movement in almost a full month. You don't get more "The Universe was trying to tell me", than that kind of immediate body feedback.

If I hadn't been forced to sit and think about it all at WisCon, who knows how long I'd have stayed in the self-defeating loop. So this is a thank you to everyone I spoke with, everyone that accomodated my limping and everyone dealing with their own limitations that helped me put mine into perspective. I'll never have the words to thank you, but may the Universe bless you tenfold for the blessings all of you were too me last month.

Namaste My Friends,


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Greetings, Kittens!

I had an absolute blast at WisCon this last week! I hated missing last week's T13 due to travel, but all of the connections I made and wonderful discussions I had, more than made up for the break in my streak. I'll write all about it later today or tomorrow, I just got back home last night and I'm still in recovery mode. Fortunately, I have friends that will step in and cover the spread when I need them to; so today for Thursday Thirteen, I bring you returning guest
Kimberley Troutte with a look into Catch Me In Castile.


Thanks for letting me drop by again, Xakara!
I love being here. Since June 1st is the anniversary of Catch Me in Castile, I brought 13 paragraphs. I get
a kick out of Samhain’s warnings, so I brought that too.
Here’s my 13 plus a warning.

Warning: This book contains a woman willing to lose her mind for love, a hot Spaniard with hands
a girl could die for, deadly family curses, a ghost with memory disorder, and a really mad killer.
When she walked into the room, Santiago’s heart did a painful miss-beat against his breastplate, as if it stopped dead in his chest only to start again with her smile.

He’d been sitting on the edge of the sofa impatiently waiting for Maria’s friend to show herself. He wanted to speak with her alone, while Maria showered, to determine the woman’s mental state. She had acted so oddly at the airport. His sister had hinted at some sort of breakdown and he could not, in good conscience, leave a fragile female in this house. It was far too dangerous.

He had enough trouble taking care of his mother and shielding his sister from the darkness. How in the hell could he protect another woman? He couldn’t. He’d insist she move out.

But when he saw her…Sweet Mother, when he saw her all rational thought ended.

“Hello again.” Her voice was as smooth and promising as satin sheets.

His gaze traveled across her curves. She didn’t look fragile. No, she looked good enough to eat. She lifted an eyebrow, shooting him a look loaded with hunger. Need coursed through his own veins. Her smile produced a punch of heat to his groin.

Mierda, he was in trouble.

“Buenos tardes. Did you have a nice rest?” He asked.

“Yes, and, I um—” she moved closer, her cheeks flushed, “—need to apologize for earlier at the airport. I made a perfect ass of myself.”

She came around the couch to sit and he noted how perfect her ass was. His gut twisted. “No apologies necessary.”

He forced himself to study her clinically, searching for grounds to throw her out of the mansion. It didn’t take a Chief of Medicine to notice her pale skin and dark-rimmed eyes. “Are you feeling all right?”

Her crooked smile told him she knew she was being examined. “Well, doctor, I’ve had better years.” Her laughter was husky and rich. “But I’m determined to get a life. No time like the present, right?”

He was mesmerized by what sparked from her tired eyes. She was determined and more—she was courageous. Something horrible had happened to her. He could see she hadn’t slept well in days, maybe weeks, and yet she smiled. How had she accomplished that? He longed to dig deeper, to know her secrets.The muscles and nerves in his cheeks rarely turned upwards anymore. Laughter was a thing of the past.

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Wiscon35 Sunday May 29th

Greetings, Kittens!

I'm still at WisCon35 and having a wonderful time. I just wanted share my schedule today. If you're here and wondering what to do today, check out your program booklet for the following. 

10-11:45 What is Queerness (144) Capitol B, Second Floor

1-2:15 pm Your Fandom is OK (164) Conf Rm 4, Second Floor

2:30-3:45pm Fringe: Awesome Olivia Dunham (174)  Senate B, First Floor

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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm only now getting around to T13 today, for many good reasons; 13 of which I'm about to share. *Smile* Yes, last week's T13 now realized.


1.  Sleep. I had some. It was brief, but lovely.

2. Sinus Issues. I went to sleep "early" because of the sinus headache that smacked me about last night. I'm still being haunted by its ghost, but I'm dealing well I believe.

3. Writing. Before the headache, I actually got work done on the next PsiCorps novel. I have no idea what's going on, but I'm enjoying finding out.

4. Glasses. I spent the bulk of the day, running out to get my new glasses and have an adjustment to my contacts. I haven't worn them in twenty years and my eyes are rebelling when it comes to close focus text reading. Yeah, you know, my job.

5. Connection. I abandoned my husband-like-person while working to make my deadline last week, so I spent most of my "well time" with him.

6. Television. After our adventures out, we settled down to clean out the clutter on the DVR and settle the season finales of our faves before they were spoiled.

7. Friends. When I got up this morning, I could have immediately done the T13, but I was busy catching up with folks I haven't talked to in way too long. They seemed happy? *smile*

8. Reading. A book, really, me, I had time to read. This is what having a huge break between deadlines feels like. I'm a fan.

9. Forums. I think I've caught up on all but two as of this afternoon.

10. Facebook.

11. Business. Got caught up in conversations on the business side of the writing that I hope will keep growing.

12. Shopping. More of which will need to be done in an hour or so, as well as Saturday and probably Monday.

13. Laundry. Which I'm still in the middle of, so I'll be right back.

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Thursday Thirteen #66 Catch Up Edition

 Greetings, Kittens!

This is a T13 that almost wasn't. I had two revisions due five days apart and I'm not fairing as well on the second one as I'd hoped to. I completely forgot it was Thursday and that I didn't have a T13 ready. I took my allergy meds and everything before I remembered. I'm so tired, I could cry. But I'm not surprised I forgot, I'm behind on several things and in that spirit, I figured listing those will work as good as anything. So here you are, 13 Things I Need to Catch Up On. 


1. Sleep. I haven't been to bed yet. 

2. Laundry. We live in a fourplex with a coin operated machine and I've run out of quarters. Due to the first one, I haven't been able to get to the bank for more, but I'll fix this tomorrow.

3. Writing. I've been caught up in revisions of completely manuscripts that I haven't started anything new.

4. Music. I've put in a good effort, but I'm well behind on my music collecting on YT. I haven't created a new playlist in ages.

5. Groceries. It's been too hot to turn on the stove and we've spent well more than I would have liked on ordering out. Combine the heat with the first one and I'm overdue for a trip to the store.

6. Workouts. I have actually worked out every day. The issue is the heat and waiting for the evaporative cooler, (or swamp cooler if you happened to be from the American Southwest and know the name) to be switched on by building management. Even with a fan directly on me, I've overheated so my workouts have been short. A cold front moved in so today was my best riding day in a week or so.

7. Television. My husband-like-person, says he goes into withdrawal when I'm this close to deadline because I don't want to watch anything and the hours we spend sharing shows just becomes a vast void for a week or so. The DVR is bursting now, I hope to knock a few shows off before either of us run into spoilers.

8. Socializing. I've been completely remiss in commenting on forums and such. If GoodReads didn't send email updates, I wouldn't even remember it was still there. I have gotten better with Twitter this last week. I haven't really had time for more than a 140 character break at a time, so it's been working!

9. Vidding. I taught myself how to make fanvids, as a way to avoid writing something I didn't want to work on because I was pouty, and I haven't gone back to polish my first project yet. I need to catch up on that asap before I forget everything I learned from the tutorials.

10. Journaling. This is a type of meditation for me that clears the cobwebs and get's everything flowing again. I've missed it a great deal.
11. Hooping. The ultimate moving meditation, I've used my hoops daily but it's been handhooping some 97%. It helps to work out the fatigue from typing, but it's not the waist hooping that really gets my endorphins flowing. I'll be thrilled when the swamp cooler is on and I can go back to walking in the room to hoop a few minutes at a time.

12. Email. Of everyone likely to see this, I still owe at least three of your emails and I swear you'll get them. I'm going to try one or two each day through the weekend as my break from work.

13. Rest. Not quite the same as sleep, I miss resting even more than I miss sleeping. I don't feel loose and relaxed because I haven't been able to to the things that keep me that way when things get stressful, like hooping, dancing and working out hard. Yeah, I'm really bitter about the whole swamp cooler thing.


Yeah, there is no 14, this is just a gratuitous Padalecki moment because he looks like one of my characters here. I'm going to blame it on the meds kicking in and hopefully helping to remedy 1 and hopefully 13. I may be able to do a handful of blogs before I'm essentially asleep on my feet. But even if it has to be this evening, I will get around to you all. Thanks in advance for stopping by!

Other Thursday 13ers.

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Greetings, Kittens!

Social media has been on my mind a great deal lately and I'm doing my best to overcome my nature and master the finer points of it. I'll be honest, I forget Twitter is out there until someone reminds me and I was invited to Dreamwidth, but basically forgot about it as well. While figuring out a blog I could to concerning social media, I realized that I could actually list 13 Social Media Sites that I'm a part of, so mayhaps I'm not as bad as I thought.


1. Livejournal. Always better to start with the obvious. I love the communities at LJ and the ability to keep up with the blogs of friends, but I admit, I'm not here as often as I wish. 

2. Beyond the Veil. This is a group blog with fellow paranormal authors from Samhain Publishing and other houses. We rotate with set days that brings us down to one blog a month, just my speed.

3. Facebook. I definitely spend most of my time here. Between status updates, notes, fan pages, discussions and games, it's one stop shopping.

4. Twitter. Once I open it, I follow along and all is well; but I have to remember to open it. FB makes Twitter a little redundant for me, but I understand how Twitter is truly a different animal and runs at a different speed. I'll get the hang of it eventually.

5. GoodReads. Love, love, love my GR groups. I can't wait until I have more time to spend there and more discussions to jump into. I'm looking forward to my new release going up there and starting a few giveaways and conversations.

6. Romance Divas. This is a site for writers and readers. It was closed for a time but has opened up for a limited opportunity in celebration of it's latest award, (101 Best Websites for Writers). I've learned so much there and all of the help has been priceless!

7. Liquid Silver Books. My publishers forum. I'm not as active on the public side of the forum as I should be. But I'm getting better and have plans for expanding my presence there now that both of my series will have a second book out and I can create threads about the worlds.

8. AfterEllen. This is a site for multi-media news concerning lesbian, bisexual and sexually fluid women. From shows to books to movies, it's everything of interests as far as representation and items of interest. I love the blogs and forums, and again, I don't spend nearly as much time there as I'd like.

9. YouTube. Perhaps the ultimate social media site, I'm here daily, primarily watching vids but also talking to vidders and learning the skill myself.

10. ARe Cafe. A newer installment from All Romance Ebooks, the format isn't a favorite, but at least I learned it quickly and I've enjoyed the conversations, so this is a win.

11. The Romance Studio. I'm still brand new here, but they're having a party from midnight to midnight of the 5th, so I'll get to try it out and see what it's all about.

12. The Romance Reviews. I learned about them when they reviewed GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST and I signed up, but honestly I haven't been back often, again, because of the format. But I figured that once I get ARe down, I can transfer those skills to TRR and see what happens.

13. GLBT Bookshelf. This is a wiki for writers of GLBT fiction. I don't remember how I found it, but I'm glad to have another page out there, especially one that caters to readers specifically looking for bisexual and sexually fluid fiction. It was easy to set up once I switched browsers and it allows for comments, so I'm looking forward to where it could go.

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Thursday Thirteen #64 Musical Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I'm still in the midst of revisions and thought I'd share 13 songs from my various writing playlists. I have about thirty different lists that I listen to, so to narrow down my choices we'll make this is the semi-retro edition and use older songs only.


1. Glycerine by Bush

2. Freshmen by The Verve Pipe

3. Standing Outside A Broken Phonebooth With Money In My Hand by Primative Radio Gods

4. You Don't Know How It Feels by Tom Petty

5. Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

6. You and Me by Lifehouse

7. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

8. Unsent by Alanis Morrissette

9. When I'm Gone by Three Doors Down

10. Volcano by Damien Rice

11. We Don't Need Another Hero by Tina Turner

12. Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's

13. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

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Greetings, Kittens!

Still working hard with the end of the month rushing towards me. My lovely friend and past guest Virginia Cavanaugh has stepped in to help me out and offered 13 Paragraphs from Deceptions of Night, her brand new paranormal romance release from Liquid Silver Books.



What a clusterfuck this turned out to be. Lex sat up a little straighter in the high backed chair and looked around the room from his place on the raised platform, his patience thin. The Order of Night for Area Four had been called into session to swear in the new shape-shifting senators, and Lex’s newly appointed place with the Triad dictated his presence here. The room offered quite a bit of space under normal circumstances, but with the raised awareness and irritation simmering just under the surface of everyone in the room, he felt confined.

Lex turned his gaze to his brother Kale, who sat at the vampires’ table. Kale should be the one sitting up here in this chair, but he’d been removed from the Triad as punishment for the senate shifters he’d killed. Lex had also taken one out, but no one would ever know about his presence with his brother that night. They also held his brother responsible for the death of a sorceress named Kierra, but she was still very much alive.

Down below him and his two counterparts were three tables arranged to form a triangle. Five senators from each race sat on their appointed side. The shape-shifters sat huddled together, their displeasure evident. Lex had to suppress the need to roll his eyes. The furballs could stay pissed for all he cared.

Lex didn’t want this appointment to the Triad. He only took it to please his father after Kale had been forced to step down. Lex had been content to handle family business and be a leader to his people. Everyone knew his social skills where the other races were concerned lacked at best.

Senator Colin stood up, puffing out his solid chest to make up for his lack in stature. “We are outraged to have to sit in the same room with the filth that took the lives of our people.”

Travis, one of the vampire senators, tipped his Stetson hat back marginally. “I would watch who you’re calling filth, fur ball, unless you want to be on the receiving end of a good ole’ fashioned ass kicking.”

Lex watched as Kale placed his hand on Travis’s shoulder. They didn’t need a brawl in the middle of the meeting room. Then again, it would provide some entertainment to an otherwise boring bitch session. Who knew, maybe someone would even be willing to place bets and he could carry away a little pocket change at that. A voice sounded to Lex’s left, and he turned his attention to the shape-shifter Triad member, Roland, who tilted his head slightly to look down his hawk-like nose at everyone in the room.

“The Triad is displeased with Kale’s continued presence...”

“Hold up, Wild Kingdom.” Lex rose to his feet. “You are displeased with Kale’s presence, but the Triad is not. So you need to think before you speak for all of us.”

“Who are you to speak to me in such a manner? You’re nothing but your father’s lackey, undeserving of the position you now hold,” Roland replied, with a curl of his lip.

Lex started toward Roland, ready to show him what kind of ass whooping a lackey could dish out, but Kale’s booming voice stopped him.

“Enough. I think this meeting should be adjourned. We’re clearly not going to get anywhere while everyone’s temper is unleashed.”

Lex found himself smiling at Kale’s pun. “I second that motion, unless...” Lex turned his head and stared at Roland, casting him a look full of intent if they stayed here any longer.


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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm under deadline with the clock ticking and just didn't have the brain-space left to craft a 13 today. Fortunately, I didn't have to, I pulled in the lovely Kimberley Troutte instead. I know you're in capable hands.



Xakara has graciously allowed me to play the Thursday Thirteen with you. I thought it would be easy.
I was wrong. It’s amazingly difficult to think of thirteen things that go together (unless we are talking
about doughnuts or cookies!). I stewed about this for a couple of days, wondering what in the world I
could share.

Then I thought about Sara, the main character in my book SOUL STEALER, who comes face-to-face with
Death and negotiates for more time. Sara clearly understands the value of her last few days on earth
and uses those precious minutes wisely.

So that got me thinking. Am I using my time wisely?

On a whole, I’d say yes. I love my life, my family, community and home. But I’m going to let you in on a
secret—there is one teensy little thing that is missing. Travel.

I love to travel, but after having kids and a day-job and bills and more day-jobs and more bills, it became
harder to pick up and go. Still, I want to go. Sometimes desperately. I crave the adventure of seeing new
places, meeting new faces, being awed by the world around me.

And suddenly I know which thirteen things I want to share…
Thirteen Places I Long to Visit

1) Greece. OMG, I’ve always wanted to see Athens. Who doesn’t? Those white buildings
overlooking the deep blue sea. Ancient history all around. The food!

2) Rome. Okay, a trip to both Greece and Rome would be amazing. A lifetime adventure. Dang, I
might be drooling a little over here.

3) France. Especially during the Tour de France. My hubby and I are big cycling fans, so I would
LOVE to follow the Tour cycling route.

4) Switzerland. Those gorgeous mountains and fresh air.
5) Ireland. Come on, can any place really be that green? I want to see for myself.

6) Australia. I have been to Sydney and would go back in a heartbeat. Great people, beaches,
amazing Barrier Reef.

7) New Zealand. I went when I was a girl. Such a beautiful place. Friendly, friendly people.

8) Hawaii. Snorkeling, surfing, exploring, volcanoes, coffee, warm gentle breezes scented arm air
scented by amazing flowers…What’s not to love?

9) Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. Always wanted to go there. The mountains,
the beauty, the wildness of it, the freedom. Just not in the Winter, or when it’s too hot.

10) Caribbean Islands. I’ve been to a few of them and would love to see more. Swimming,
snorkeling, warm water, great food….Wow, this list is really stirring up the travel lust.

11) New York. Always, wanted to see the Big Apple. Always. The city, food, Broadway? Where’s my

12) Canada. So close, but so far. I’ve seen pictures and know a few amazing Canadians. Would love
to go there. Maybe by train. Or ship!

13) Florida. The kids would love Disney World and the beaches. And those Florida Keys!
One day, hopefully soon, I want to see all thirteen places and more.

Kimberley Troutte has two books published by Samhain Publishing, SOUL STEALER and CATCH ME
IN CASTILE. She is a Southern California girl. She lives with her husband, two sons, one dog, and
three very large snakes. She’s been an accountant, substitute teacher, caterer, financial analyst for a
major defense contractor, real-estate broker, aerobics instructor, freelance writer and caregiver to
creatures the kids/hubby/dog drag in.

Visit her at: www.kimberleytroutte.com

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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm under a deadline, one I was about to set aside and then suddenly realized I still had a real shot at, so I shall be throwing myself into it the rest of the month. There have been quite a few career conversation this last week and as a result I've got writing on the brain right now. In that mindset, I thought I wouldn't stray too far and share with you 13 Works In Progress I want to see the light of day by the end of 2012 into 2013. Of course if that whole end of the world thing happens December 21st, 2012, well, all bets are off!

This list is everything from works that are several chapters in, to things that have a title and a paragraph. But either way I'm thinking about them and the fact they've endured means it's meant to be. So you here you are, 13 WIPs in Queue. 



1. The Forgiven: A story about the third side in the angelic war. Earth-bound angels still in heaven's grace but unable to return there.  A love story wrapped around a prophecy about the coming civil war in hell. Think angels, witches/nephilim, demons and lot of lovely erotic moments. Book 1 of the Angelic Prophecies. 

2. The Clockwork Courtesan: A steampunk you all have been introduced to before that is now under revision for an open call.

3. PsiCorps Chronicles #3: Another Christmas release if I can swing it. For those of you who have read PsiCorps #1 (Ghost of Christmas Past) and/or beta read PsiCorps #2 (Dawn's Early Light), the as yet untitle PsiCorps #3 is Ajay's story. I can't wait.
4. BloodQueen: The sequel to BloodSprite, the worldbuilding novel of my Therian World, ( introduced in Shifting Passions). Also known as Book 2 of the Dante Chronicles.

5. The Fallen: The sequel to The Forgiven dealing with those angels who fell from grace. Angelic Prophecies # 2.

6. Blood Throne: Book 3 of the Dante Chronicles.

7. The Faithful: Those who fought for heaven. Angelic Prophecies #3

8. Ronin StillSkin: A modern, shifter-based retelling of the Rumplestiltskin fairytale as a menage between the girl, the king and the wish granting creature. The first version is complete, but it needs to be expanded, likely doubling the wordcount, so a WIP all the same. (A Therian World Novella)

9. Laughing Matters: BDSM Were-Hyenas. Marinate in that a bit. (A Therian World Novel/la)

10. A Kingdom Come: This is either a shifter historical or a futuristic shifter space opera. I can't decide. Either way Theora Knight is a royal guard who has to save the kidnapped Prince from a rival kingdom whose young king has had him taken and hidden away, (becase he's in love--naturally). Be it chainmail or nanite power suit, there will be a "knight in shining armor" reference. I'd be remiss otherwise. (A Therian World Novel/la) 

11. Safe As Houses: A widow, with the help of her husband's ghost, falls in love with the old friend who built their dream home and is now renovating the vacation home she's moved into permanently to be closer to the memories. Think, ghostly menage scenes! 

12. Safe As Houses: Yeah, it's a title showdown. This one is about a contractor that restores historical homes as his day job and investigates haunted houses with his partner as a side business. The two of them meet a medium on a case and begin to fall for her only to realize she actually be a ghost.

13. Safe As Houses: I don't actually have a third story vying for the title, but if I can come up with one, then each story will get it's own title and the series will be called Safe As Houses and all deal with love stories centered around restored or expanded homes.

Update: I have since come up with a third story for Safe As Houses, dealing with a real estate "flipper" who runs out of money on a project and has to do the renovations himself. As he opens the walls he starts to find pieces that tell him about a love affair that happened decades ago. Over the course of the renovation he's haunted by dreams and thoughts of the couple and quickly begins to fall in love with each through the letters and journals he finds. When the project is finished, the couple that comes to the open house is none other than the couple from the journals. Yay, Safe As Houses is a series!

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Thursday Thirteen #60 Distracted Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I wanted very much to bring you a Thursday Thirteen of spectacular proportions, but alas I got distracted. So instead I give you the 13 Things That Kept Me Doing Thursday Thirteen! *Grin*


1. Cover Art: I had to fill out my cover art form for my next release as thoroughly as possible. It was nerve wracking trying to remember if I covered everything, which of course, I didn't. But I know it'll be a kick-ass cover anyway.

2. Research: I have a deadline May 1st that I picked up last minute and I had to do a bit of looking about to see if I have everything in place. I have yet to get to the productive writing portion of things, but I'm on it. I'll make it.

3. Netflix: The best and worst thing to enter this household in ages. I learned a great deal and refreshed myself on a great deal more so this was a general distraction that will yield specifics lower on the list.

4. Facebook: Need I say more?

5. Zombie Lane: Just in case I needed to say more. I hate zombies. I think they're the dumbest monster ever! The entire idea that an ambulatory meat sack is eating people because it's hungry when it's dead and can't be hungry due to lack of nerve impulses from the stomach to the brain...let's not get me started. My husband-like-person begged me to be his neighbor and that had led to playing and we'll leave it at that, for otherwise, I could rant for ages.

6. LiveJournal: It was having issues earlier and rather concerned me that a blog would not be possible, breaking my streak. But alas, all appears to be well.

7. GoodReads: I'm still working on jumping into discussions, but I swing by to check out the groups much more often than I should already and hence why I hesitate to dive in as much as I'd like. If you're on goodreads, friend me so I can see what you're writing. At some point here I'd like reading to be the thing that distracts me and I need new suggestions.

8. E! Online: I can't help it, I need my television spoilers and my mild celebrity gossip. I'm not into the who said what when with whom, I just want to know what projects are rumored in my faves' futures. I'm a cheerleader kind of fan rather than nosy one. And who can't get behind the trivial fun times of picking television's Ultimate Alpha Male? (Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester for the win!).

9. IM: I caught all sorts of people I usually miss and all because I should have been writing a Thursday Thirteen and in bed by now. But hey, it was a fun night.

10. Texting: Entirely different people that I talk to quite often but still, fun all the same.

11. Customer Service Fail: UPS delivered my package to the wrong address and instead of having the driver give explicit instructions on where he left it and why, right when I called, I had to go through Amazon and launch a formal investigation. Meanwhile, if the driver had just been directed back to the location, I could have my package right now. Instead who knows what's happened to it. Grr, grr, and again I say grr. This aggravates me not only because my stuff isn't here, but because I'm a kick-ass customer service representative and this would not be acceptable any place I worked. Sigh.

12. Errands: Because no matter how many you do, there's always more to be done.

13. The Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED : This is one of the things I watched on Netflix but it gets its own line because I watched it twice. TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is an annual event where an eclectic group of brilliant minds exchange bold ideas for the future. I know this because that's a quote from the blurb.  *grin* It really is an inspiring gathering and one that you can watch for free on TED's site where they share ways for each of us to become the change we want to see.
I will visit you all after some much needed sleep! Night :)


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Thursday Thirteen #59 The Baby Edition

Greetings, Kittens! I'm rather headachey and haven't slept yet but I couldn't pass up keeping my consistancy and posting a T13 today. For personal reasons, I rather have babies on the brain right now and what better way to deal with that than sharing with all of you. :) I'll be honest, many of Anne Geddes shots disturb me a little bit, but I managed to find the 13 that didn't, (or did so the least). So here you are 13 Baby Pics ala Geddes.



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Luck of the Irish Blog Hop

Greetings, Kittens!

Welcome to the Luck of the Irish Blog Hop! For those of you who joined us for the New Year's Hop and Valentine's Day Hop, you know that there are lovely free reads that await your lovely attention. Our St. Patrick's Day Hop is going through March 19th and our lovely grand prize is a Kindle 3! Yes, a Kindle 3 so enjoy the stories and leave comments to enter to win.
Readers from the New Year's Hop will recongnize the characters below from that free read. If you didn't get the download or are new to the blog hop you can read the first installment HERE. The download for all of the New Year's stories is HERE. If you fall off the hop, just click on the banner at the end of the post. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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Thursday Thirteen #58 Sleep Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I wanted to go with something peppy and upbeat this week but all I feel is sleepy. As a long time insomniac this of course led to it's own Thursday Thirteen idea, so this week I bring you 13 Supplements that Help Sleep. Multitasking at its best. *wink*


This T13 is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any condition, please consult with your doctor on all supplements and otc medications. *smile*

1. Calcium: 1500-2000 mg daily divided into two to three 600mg doses with food.

2. Magnesium: 250 to 1000mg daily. Taken with calcium 45mins before bed in a 2:1 ration (500mg Calcium to 250mg Magnesium) will reduce leg cramps and provide a mild sedative affect.

3. Vitamin B6: 50-100mg to help prevent insomnia.

4. Vitamin B12: 25mg with 100mg of B5 can help reduce or prevent insomnia.

5. Inositol: 100mg taken at bedtime enhances REM sleep.

6. Chromium: 250-500 micro-grams can reduce bloodsugar issues that prevent sleep.

7. Tryptophan (L-Tryptophan): Converts to seratonin in the brain which enduces relaxation and sleep.

8. Phosphatidylserine: An anmino acid that reduces cortisol, a stress hormone that can prevent sleep at high levels.

9. 5-HTP: Taken with fruit or fruit juice before bed, this highly effective form of tryptophan will reduce the amount of time it takes to fall to sleep by increasing seratonin levels.

10. Melatonin: 1.5mg daily to start taken 2hrs or less before bedtime. You can increase the dosage if it doesn't work but should not exceed 5mg a day.

11. Niacin: 100mg at bedtime. This is best combined with 5HTP has it helps in the conversion of 5HTP to seratonin.

12. Valerian: Used in treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, valerian can often be found in sleep aids like Alteril and is thought safe in use cycles as long as 4 to 6 weeks at a time. Take as directed.

13. GABA: Gamma-aminobutyric acid occurs natural in the brain. Called the peace maker chemical it induces relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety and can increase focus. GABA doesn't make you sleep it relaxes the mind to allow you to sleep. Foods rich in complex carbohydrates naturally increase levels of GABA production in the brain.

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Thursday Thirteen #57 Hooping Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

I mention hooping from time to time and had the joy of sharing the revolution with my young neighbors today with their own cute little hoops! It put me in the mindset to share a bit more with all of you who might be wondering what all the delight is about. The first three vids are instructional/educational/anecdotal and the rest are actual demonstrations of different hoop flows.  

















Other Thursday Thirteeners!

(Apologies to my LJ friends, I couldn't get the cut feature to work)

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Thursday Thirteen #56 To-Do-List Edition

Greetings, Kittens!

Welcome to the T13 that almost wasn't. I didn't want to do this today, but then again I haven't wanted to do anything for a few days now. I'm coming off of a rather stressful time and both my body and mind seem intent on decompressing no matter what I still have to get done. I'm coming out of it and can see the list of things waiting for me and feel like I should spend this time on those. In that spirit, I decided to use my lack of enthusiasm for T13 as my focus and present you 13 Things I Should Be Doing Instead. :)


13 Things I Should Be Doing Instead

1. Writing: It's what's made the last three weeks so stressful but with that ms done I need to start on the next one and avoid the same kind of serial disasters that plagued me this time around.

2. Reading: I have something I need to be rather versed in later today and three things I've been meaning to get to for longer than I care to admit. I need to carve out some time and get to it.

3. Research: I have a ton I need to get swishing through my brain on angels, demons, djinn, heaven, the summerlands, the Elysian Fields, purgatory, the underworld, hades, the Jewish apocrypha, biblical apocrypha, Gnostic gospels, Sumerian-Akkadian-Babylonian syncretism and Egyptian-Nubian/Egyptian-Greek syncretisms. That's only for one story, let's not get into all the aspects of human physiology and genentics that awaits me afterwards.

4. Edit: I have an ms waiting for another revision before heading out to a few particular places and I want to have that done and ready to go by mid-March if possible.

5. Walking: A knee injury took me out Tuesday before I finished making my step goal, (bellydancing was wonderful though). The plan was for Wednesday to double up but still wasn't in top shape. Feeling good right now so a triple-go it is!

6. Dancing: See above injury issue. I'm not in as high spirits as I would be if I'd danced fully the last two days. Now that my knee isn't screaming, I need to jump on that and get back to myself.

7. Hooping: But I should always be hooping! My new hoop arrives this week I think. Yay!

8. Shopping: We need to hit the grocery store with a severity that would make my grandmother shake her head and say we're not taking care of ourselves. We have to make it today, every basic is gone.

9. Hydrating: Had a terrible time with this while stressed, ill and injured. I'm steadily getting back into the habit of emptying my drink thermos four times for a full 96 oz a day and I'll be getting some high water content fruits when we hit the store.

10. Learning: My new laptop arrived yesterday and I'm still making peace with it. We've had a bunch of rough patches centering around the mouse touch pad and the lack of proper scrolling. I can't let the suckage outweigh the awesome and need to focus and learn all the cool features.

11. Searching: I need to find my sofware disc to tranfer a program to the new laptop since the old one has gone to pasture. It's vital I find it since buying a new version makes me want to weep. I'll make peace if I end up without a choice, but I'm praying for a choice.

12. Planning: I need to get everything settled about WisCon at the end of May. I have to check with my GoddessSister about sharing a hotel room, book plane tickets and actually register for WisCon. The clock's ticking. It'll be the first time I've had to go through airport security since the TSA change over. Mmm, can't wait.

13. Sleeping: I'm still up from yesterday and as you can see, I've got a full day ahead of me.

Happy Thursday!

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Greetings, Kittens!

Today I'd like to share with you a bit from Marie Sexton, author of the Coda Books; Promises, A to Z, The Promise, The Letter Z, Strawberries for Dessert, and the newly released Putting out Fires. Rather than an excerpt or interview questions, (and those may yet be coming), Marie has shared 13 of her favorite lines from the Coda Series. Marie is giving away a choice of ebook from her backlist so be sure to leave a comment to be entered to win!Enjoy.


Thirteen of my favorite Coda lines (I cheated and snuck one in from my April release,
Paris A to Z):

1. “Rub some dirt on it.”

2. “What the fuck ever.”

3. “No self-respecting Coloradoan would date a Chiefs fan.”

4. “Did you get that out of the Masochist Biking Club handbook?"

5. “Seriously, the guy doesn’t know The Legend of Billie Jean from Legends of the Fall.”

6. “Because it’s sentimental crap, or because nothing gets blown up?”

7. “Violence and mayhem. Nothing better.”

8. “All-you-can-eat bacon really is preferable to eternal salvation, isn’t it?”

9. “I have an Armani hidden underneath [these clothes]. I was planning a Superman-style change of wardrobe in the car.”

10. “Get me some eyeliner and a little hair gel and I’ll look like Adam Lambert for you.”

11. “Do you have a strange fruit fetish I don’t know about?”

12. “There’s only one solution. Somebody at this table is going to have to sleep with Matt.”

13. “A blow job’s more of a birthday thing.”

The Coda Series (published by Dreamspinner Press) is:
A to Z
The Letter Z
Strawberries for Dessert
Putting Out Fires
Paris A to Z (coming April 2011)

The books don’t necessarily have to be read in order. For a rather wordy explanation of
what comes when, you can look here. (http://mariesexton.net/book-list-and-timeline)

I also have a short story published with Silver Publishing called One More Soldier.

All books can be found on Amazon here. (http://tiny.cc/mgps6)

Marie Sexton lives in Colorado. She’s a fan of just about anything that involves muscular young men piling on top of each other. In particular, she loves the Denver Broncos and enjoys going to the games with her husband. Her imaginary friends often tag along. Marie has one daughter, two cats, and one dog, all of whom seem bent on destroying what remains of her sanity. She loves them anyway.

Visit Marie’s website at http://mariesexton.net/, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, join her mailing list, and absolutely don’t forget to check out her tumblr. (Tumblr NOT work safe.) And there’s always her email.

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Greetings, Kittens!

Recently a few people from my past have cropped back up and it got me to thinking about all of those who won't have that opportunity for one reason or another. Some people who played significant parts in my life for good or ill will never know where things stand now. So in honor of all that has gone before to shape me into the person I am, I present you the 13 Things I Should Have Said.


13 Things I Should Have Said

1. I'm sorry
2. I forgive you
3. I understand
4. It doesn't have to be this way
5. You didn't know any better
6. You had no right
7. You matter
8. It's not too late
9. It's okay
10. This will pass
11. I see you
12. I hear you
13. I could love you

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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm in the crunch time with the second PsiCorps books and it's running me a little ragged. I almost bowed out of doing T13 today, but along with wanting to keep my streak going, I realized someone else should get a chance to see what's been taking up my time and driving me absolutely crazy this week. It's unedited and un-numbered to avoid breaking the flow, but here you have it, Kittens. 13 Paragraphs(not counting dialog) from Dawn's Early Light.

Excerpt Ahead....Collapse )

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Saturday Sit-About with Rhonda L. Print


Greetings, Kittens!

Today we're talking to author Rhonda L. Print. Saturday Sit-About  will be a new feature where we get to know authors and characters through guest blogs and interviews, to get a glimpse inside the process and worlds we've come to love. Please welcome Rhonda and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of her debut novel Nightwalker.



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Crush of the Week

Greetings, Kittens!

If one can believe what is seen on television and read on the internet, many of you out there in relationships have a freebie list. That is, those celebrities with whom you get a free pass on having a romantic encounter should reality drastically shift and bring you into each other's sphere of being. I don't have one of those. If something unforseen, but sensually fortunate came about, I'd just call home and ask, because that's how we roll. But that's not to say there aren't those for whom special compensation has been made. I do have a run-off-into-the-sunset-call-me-when-you-get-there list, and it only has one name on it.

Every other crush I hold in my affections would have to share with My Sweetie, but for one man, just the one, I would run off for a bit of a honeymoon phase and give my total attention, until we worked something out. And My Sweetie has given his blessing because even he has to admit this man is made of Awesome topped with Win!

This Friday I bring you the man in the secondary slot of my highest affections, and he who appears most often in my visual movies as I write. Yes, Kittens, today's Crush of the Week is the Wolverine, The Boy From Oz, Kate and Leopold, The Fountain, Swordfish and the Van Helsing-y goodness (at least he looked good, let's not talk about the actual movie) that is Hugh Jackman

I'm sure everyone who is a fan has their favorite movie, favorite, role, and favorite moment that made Jackman one to admire or to swoon over depending on your fangirl/boy personality type. I fell in love with Hugh during Inside The Actor's Studio and later that night during a profile on Biography. Oprah then conspired to make it that affection and to my amazement he Just. Kept. Getting. Better.  From the accent, to the body, to the comic-book character goodness, (even if he's a foot taller than Wolverine was written), there's a lot of surface things to love about Hugh, but it was the interview and the depth of his love for his family that captured me. He radiates a sincerity and confidence in speaking about and expressing his love for those important in his life, that is almost physically manifest as talks. There's also a depth to the way he talks about the world, his place in it and his responsibility to it. He's not just someone whose genes I want for my future offspring, he's someone I'd want to sit next to and talk about life with, and that's a rare total package, Kittens. 

I could gush for days, (and I have), but enough of that, onto Hugh.


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Thursday Thirteen # 52 Steampunk Edition

Greetins, Kittens!

First, let me thank you all again for all of the well-wishes last week! I deeply appreciated them and I know they contributed to getting better. I'm at about 87.6% of rarin'-to-go capacity which is a lovely place to be so soon. Today I'm going to share a bit of writing with you from a steampunk project that literally drove me to drink at least twice, (brandy toddies are magic), but one I've gained an odd affection towards. I think it mirrors my current feelings right now. As an insomniac, I'm tired most of the time, it's not fun, but you get used to it. When I'm sick, it goes from tired into pure exhaustion, along with all the aches and pains and crud associated with whatever's wrong. By the time it's done, just going back to being tired is such a treat that it feels like rest. There's an actual affection for that state in comparison to where I've come from.

On another level, I struggled with the last 10K of the steampunk story like the trials of Job, and it's not something I ever want to feel again about a story. I am, however, feeling a certain nostalgia for only have 10K to do until I'm done. I have much more ahead of me on my current WIP and my deadline of February 5th looms large. I think it's a wonderful reminder moment that, wherever we are, it's never that bad in comparison to where we could be, were circumstances different. (See how it started out funny but then got all deep at the end, yep, sneaky philosophy is the best).

So here you are, Kittens, 13 Paragraphs from The Clockwork Courtesan. I didn't number this time around because it's unedited and anything that helps the flow is a plus. *grin* This is first and second-to-last attempt at anything steampunk, gaslight, weird west, fantasy-alternate-history, whathaveyou. Second-to-last, because one should never say never, and never say never again! *wink*

I'll see you tomorrow for Crush of the Week and make sure to check out Saturday Sit-down with author Rhonda L. Print answering question on writing and giving a blurb and excerpt of her novel Nightwalker.



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Crush of the Week

Greetings, Kittens!

This week finds me a bit under the weather, but I couldn't miss Crush of Week after so very long without it. As the avatar might have given awary, I've been watching fanvids and reruns to make myself feel better and in light of last Friday's guest of honor, there was only one option for today's consumption of eye-candy and that was more Supernatural eye-candy in particular. Yes, Kittens, this Friday we're showing love to Supernatural's Dean Winchester, or rather the actor who plays him, Jensen Ackles. 
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Greetings, Kittens!

I've been under the weather the last few days and feel rather fuzzy-headed as a result. To be on the safe side, (and frankly to increase my likelyhood of being coherent), I decided the best list today would consist of the things that make me feel during these times. So here you are, 13 Comforts While Under the Weather. Come back tomorrow for Crush of the Week which I'm nearly, almost, sorta sure is going to be here. *grin*


13 Comforts While Under the Weather
1. Rainbow Afghan:  I crocheted a queen-sized rainbow afghan last year as my first project. I learned the technique off youtube and just taught myself the obvious expansion on the idea to get the size I wanted. I want to jump in again and make another one, maybe a solid color, but maybe not. This one started with a full skein each of purple, blue, red, orange, yellow and green, then another skein of green followed by yellow, orange, red, blue and purple. You can tell it's made by new hands to the craft, but I love it all the same and cuddling beneath it while feeling achy is wonderful!

2. Hot Chocolate: It doesn't matter what time of year it is, hot chocolate is always a guarantee feel-better. 

3. Fuzzy White Robe: I've only had this a few months but it's my new favorite purchase and made a wonderful fuzzy hug during the times I couldn't be under the afghan.

4. Hooping: Yes, I'm not feeling well, but you can't hoop without smiling. I only lasted just under five minutes before the fever and dizziness got me, but it was five minutes that made the rest of the day all the better. 

5. Wordcount: I got in 1200 on the second PsiCorps novella onTuesday and 1000 on a different project Wednesday. My thoughts tend to scatter when unwell, but as least I got them down.

6. White Soda: I can't stand carbonated water, but white soda is my best friend at times like these.

7. Televison: I spent much of the last couple days off and on the computer, so the television has been my primary engagment with the world. I've taken in a lot of news and Supernatural reruns. No complaints.

8. Walking: This is not quite as straight forward as it could be. I didn't want to walk at all. I didn't like it while I was doing it. And I don't see that changing as long as I'm this congested. However, I've made my steps goal on my pedometer every day this month and I wasn't ready to give that up, so I walked anyway. It was a comfort to get it done and keep my streak.

9. Music: It always makes me feel better no matter the day or time. It gets particular praise these last few days because without it, I wouldn't have gotten through the steps.

10. Fanvids: Youtube is always a friend and I've been indulging in great loads of Supernatural and, (to my surprise), The Vampire Diaries fanvids. It's great because it combines the love of music with slashy-goodness. Made of win!

11. Steamy Showers: Aside from being a lovely chance to breathe, it pounds all the aches and pains away which is just luscious.

12. Cake: I made red velvet cake Tuesday just because and it's delicious. It was also a chance to accomplish something with a beginning, middle and end when everything seemed overwhelming. And since we don't own a hand mixer, whisking by hand was a nice forearm workout. *smile*

13. My Sweetie: He's been very good some 89.4% of the time and I appreciate it.

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Crush of the Week

Greetings, Kittens!

Let's kick of today's installment with a little background. There are many things that can land someone here as Crush of the Week material. Some are actor crushes, built through interviews and convention appearances and a consistant demonstration of being a great person who stands for something. Others capture my affections for the characters they play, the stories they tell and the worlds they make me believe in. Of course it is a fine day when someone is both, but there is a third category, those who are the best of the best in my affections and they are the Fantasy Cast. Every writer has them, those people that embody a character physically, emotionally or spiritually that you'd either want to see play your character on screen, or that got you through writing by being featured in the movie in your head.

I'm guilty of Hollywood casting at times in that the character I describe on the page and the character I see in my head when I picture the scene aren't the same. Most of the time this is because the written character's description is important but I have no visual equivalent and, yet, I can easily see certain actors or models together in my head and can't shake it loose, so I go with it. This happened with Ghost of Christmas Past. It plays out in my head with entirely different people of different body types than Quintus and Sky, so I can't share them with you to avoid confusion. But the one person I can give you is the physical inspiration for Torrin St. James.

Who is it that captures the six-and-a-half foot, doe-eyed, broad shouldered, wounded puppy of "baby sasquatch" proportions? Yes, Kittens, that's right; this Friday's Crush of the Week is Jared Padalecki.

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Greetings, Kittens!

The week before the December release of Ghost of Christmas Past and therefore the week before Christmas, I offered a glossary that only 2 of my fellow T13ers had the chance to see, (hugs to Alice and Heather). In the three weeks since the release, I've been asked over a half-dozen times if I'm going to do a GoCP-themed TT. After revealing that last Friday's Crush of the Week was inspired by writing PsiCorps #2, I received yet another set of inquiries and I thought today the perfect time to repost the glossary and give a bit of a bonus. So here you are, Kittens. 13 Terms in the PsiCorps World. See you back tomorrow for Friday's Crush of the Week!


13 PsiCorps Terms
1. Agent: A graduate of PsiCorps Academy scoring above the median in psychic talent and field work. Agent is often capitalized by federal bureau standards to designate a Psi Agent from non-psychic federal agents.

2. Anchor: A psychic or Psi, able to ground other psychics in their Triad, Compass, or Circle.

3. Circle: Five or more individuals involved in a unified or layered polyamorous relationship.

4. Compass: Exactly four individuals in a unified or layered polyamorous relationship, named so for the four compass points.

5. CyberPsi: Psychic ability to control computers and various other sophistocated electronics.

6. Empath: A psychic able to read the emotions of a person, place or object and alleged to influence those emotions. Capable of coordinating a large number of individuals and harmonize their psychic resonance. Empath is capitalized to show a primary talent beyond median empathy.

7. Handler: Assigned to keep Agents coordinated in the field and happy off the field, a Handler is the buffer between an Agent and PsiCorps Operations. Handler is always capitalized by federal bureau standards to denote a Psi Handler over a mundane federal agent handler.

8. Partner: See Resonance Partners

9. PsiCorps: Psychic branch of the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and United States Marshals Service.

10. Pyschometery: The ability to read the energy field of an object by touch. Advanced Psychometrics can read the energy field of living entities and places.

11. Resonance Partners: Abbreviated 'Partner", two or more Psychics or Psis who share an energy pattern of thought and psychic expression and choose to bond, taking their advantage of synchrony into the field. All Agents must have a Partner to qualify for field work. Partner is always capitalized by federal bureau standards to denote reference to psychic ability and bond.

12. ShadowCorps: Boogey man of the psychic world, a rumored black ops agency working beneath the radar with illicit intent.

13. WitSecPsi: The psychic branch of the United States Federal Witness Protection Program.


Incubi: A Psi of any specialty who comes into their abilities through sexual exploration. This is the most abundant type of Psi.

Vampire: A Psi who comes into their abilities through sex closely followed by bloodshed. The rarest breed of Psi, most are devoted to justice to balance out their taste for conflict.

Djinn: A Psi who comes into their abiliites through sex and fear. Nearly all Handler's are djinn, brought fully into their abilities through fear induction in a sensory deprivation tank. This exploration and conquering of fear is what allows a Handler to ignore all emotional responses while coordinating Agents in the field.

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Crush of the Week (and a little more)

Greetings Lovelies!

I don't know how many of you were around for Crush of the Week a few years ago but the return of the feature will mean updating previous CotW guests with new photos and bio information, along with bringing you brand new ones. The goal is to bring you both actor and character crushes as they become relevant to my writing or viewing habits and to get you thinking about the crush-worthy individuals dancing through your own thoughts. Crushes will consist of both male and female choices of varying body types, so come for the ones you want to date and the ones you want to emulate, there should be enough options to suit quite a few preferences.

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